CLOCKWORK STORYBOOK: Bill Willingham teases Tom O’Harrow


The pitches keep coming in, and next up for the Clockwork Storybook 30 Day Writing Challenge is none other than Fables creator and scribe, Bill Willingham with his book, Tom O’Harrow.

Tom O’Harrow

by Bill Willingham

Mab illustration by Amy Brown

Tom O’Harrow is the story of the illegitimate son of True Thomas and Mab, the dark hearted queen of the Unseelie Court. Banished to Earth – the Bright World – from both realms of Faery for eight centuries, everyone is mad at Tom, and most of those want him dead. His bartender wants him to answer for all of those dead bodies in an Austin back alley. His current client is far from happy with his work. The US government wants him to surrender that nasty little thing he keeps in his pocket. His cousin wants his head for stealing his best girl, and plenty of others still carry a grudge for what he did in the Great War. His only possible ally is a woman he sent to prison for a hundred years. Everyone’s out to get Tom and now even his own mother won’t take his calls.

Bill Willingham is the writer of many comic books, including the Fables series, and author of the novels Peter and Max, and Down the Mysterly River.

Two down, and four to go. Will we see pitches from the other writers, or will we see our first drop outs on the first day of the challenge?