Critical Hit: A Major Spoilers D and D podcast
Celestial Crusade

This episode: The answer to Randus’ double shadow is finally revealed, and it isn’t a good thing.


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  1. I haven’t watched Saturday morning cartoons in a long time, but now when Saturday morning rolls around I’m excited to get the newest Critical Hit. Thanks for producing such a quality series, and you should know that I learned D&D from this podcast and now play in a regular group. I also am on episode 87 for lap #2 through the series.

    The shadow, the parasite, the chronometer, and so many other interesting things are developing. This storyline has been building for so long, it’s going to be awesome to see what happens with all the pieces.

    Does Matthew play Kingdom of Loathing? He has mentioned meatsmithing and plinking, which are terms from the game. If so, way cool.

  2. ~The Torqueltones’ New Years Resolutions ~
    – Don’t willingly free any more bad guys, even for 15 minutes
    – Push Ket for answers when he keeps secrets from the group
    – Keep Randus from dying… you can only build so many statues
    – Investigate how Torq became so good at religion and diplomacy
    – Keep Orem away from interns and other impressionable youngsters
    – Uncover the source of the Queen’s Rebellious Daughter/Thony slash fiction.
    – Determine how the other quarter live

  3. Another fantastic episode. Can’t wait to see how Orem and co turn the void godling into a bomb. My guess is that it won’t be easy.

  4. This was mind-blowing guy, you top yourselfs everytime. I’m impressed. The shadow revelation made me drop my jaw.

  5. May have just gone through for my third listen through to catch this episode as it finished downloading. I may just go for the 4th listen through. Also, can’t help imagining Randus now in a Giant old school diving suit, which has been mashed with an Apollo-era space suit.

  6. I am really afraid of what the implications of setting free “a manner of sorts” may be. The shadow revelation was amazing, so simple and so powerful at the same time… excellent job Rodrigo. I have no idea how will they turn the godling into a bomb, especially now that she knows what they are planning. It looks like Torq is having a better time organizing the attack than Ket, and that could be a problem. Torq certainly knows a lot about combat, but Ket is the strategist and if he cannot get the atention of the generals, the plan will very probably fail. I can’t wait for the final battle and see how Randus, Orem, Torq and Ket get through this… or not.

  7. Here’s a typical Randus response to a question:

    “Well, I do, uh, believe we can possibly do it, given the potentiality of success, I do think it’s worth, uh, making an endeavor for a, uh, possible positive outcome, given that the universe, uh, is going to…”

    And then the DM takes over.

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