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  1. Must not have been that good, cause according to Wikipedia: A WildC.A.T.s TV series was created in 1994. It had only thirteen episodes and a more family-friendly storyline. As a result there were numerous changes from the source material, such as Voodoo being an adolescent rather than an ex-stripper and Lord Emp being an ordinary human. The group was composed of all the original ‘C.A.T.s. The major villain was Helspont, but the Troika and the Coda were featured. A parody of the series, MadD.O.G.s, was seen during Alan Moore’s run in the comics. The series was produced by Nelvana and WildStorm (Funimation recently released the series’ entire run on DVD).

    • Just because something has a small run doesn’t mean it’s good. The American Street Fighter cartoon has a lot more episodes. Doesn’t make it good. Also, I don’t think Funimation would have bothered releasing a DVD if the series didn’t have it’s fans.

  2. No, it was terrible. And it was terrible in a way that undermined that which was any good about the source material, too. As someone who had mixed feelings about the WildCAT’s book, this even alienated me…

    • I liked aspects of the book, but the toon just left me feeling weird. The only reason I ever saw any of it was because it was on at around the same time as TMNT and I’d just leave the channel on for a while.

  3. I remember this series, and knew -nothing- about the comics at the time. Ergo, it wasn’t =-terrible-= to me (not great either), and one of my friends thought that “Maul” was the coolest thing EVAR. Like, seriously — he made D&D characters based on the notion and everything.

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