We’re still under a blizzard warning until sometime this afternoon, which means schools are closed, kids are hopped up on the goofball known as pre-Christmas present anxiety, and people are still taking to the roads and driving like the want to be in NASCAR.

Updates will be sporadic throughout the day – drive safe.

I don’t know what they’re saying, but translated, it probably means, “Can we pull over at the next truck stop and clean our our shorts?”


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  1. “Travelers through Kansas scrambled to rearrange their plans, mid-trip. The
    Fairfield Inn in Hays booked three dozen-rooms in a mere 20 minutes Monday
    night, as drivers got off Interstate 70, the state’s main east-west route,
    earlier than planned. Greg Boughton, a hydrologist from Cheyenne, Wyo., and
    his family quit traveling in the afternoon after their SUV nearly slid into
    a ditch.”

    You made the National news!

    • Yup, we’re one of the last big stops between Kansas City and Denver, so we do end up making the news at least once a year. Also – That particular hotel is just a short jaunt from the Major Spoilers HQ

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