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  1. This one is a no brainier, who wins? The thousands of male comic book fans watching from ring side while these 2 have a literal cat fight in red jello ;-)

    P.S. Nice, the pics are from the same artist, heck the same picture, so no “horrible picture chosen” joke this week.

  2. I had to go wih Black Cat on this one, not only for her costume (though that was a factor), but because I’ve never really been a fan of Catwoman’s character. The whole sometimes-a-villain/sometimes-a-hero personality that Selina has is a cliché that I simply don’t like. Plus, Black Cat has long, white hair but isn’t ancient, a feature which I find quite attractive on heroines in comics.

    On an unrelated note, the picture of Catwoman up top looks like somebody took a frying pan and comically smacked her in the face. Though I appreciate that both pictures are from the same artist, Selina has a gigundus nose in that picture.

  3. Catwoman.

    How many beautiful female actress have we had portray Catwoman?

    This is why I say Catwoman wins. She not only has her own on going comic but she’s been seen on screens of all sizes. Black Cat has yet to have mass appeal outside of a Spiderman comic as far as I’m concerned.

  4. To the Wiki!
    Black Cat gets the edge in the fight due to all the Tinkerer-tech she uses. Enhanced Agility and Strength will tip the scales as the fight progresses.

  5. If this was a popularity contest, I’d vote for Catwoman, but in a straight up fight? Black Cat has an Actual superpower in probability control, and has extensive combat training and skill than that puts her at least on par with, if not superior to, Catwoman in a hand-to-hand fight. If all things are equal, go for the one with powers.
    Now, if it was a cat burgling competition, that might be another matter (though they both have a long list of achievements to bring to the fight).

  6. Antonio Sanciolo on

    You can’t compete with vague probability altering powers in a fight… (can you?)

    What may be a more telling contest is which woman has slept with more protagonists?

  7. Catwoman, because she has been around the block a few more times and can turn a few more tricks. She also is better at carrying the heavy load of dealing with the Batman and his assorted villains

  8. In an actual fight, Black Cat has bad luck powers, and more offensive weaponry. If it were a “Theiving” contest, where they are both tasked to steal the same object? Catwoman.

    In reality? Dex-starr for the win.

  9. I would say that both have similar skill sets. While Catwoman is better known (because she’s easier to adapt), Black Cat has had actual superpowers. It all seams pretty even to me, so I need a tiebreaker.

    I’ll pick Black Cat cause she shows more cleavage. It’s also the easiest way to tell them apart. ;p

  10. If “The Evil That Men Do” is a part of your canon then Catwoman wins.

    “Evil” and all the power-ups and gear show that Felicia faces conflict linearly, head-on, in a way that’s failed her more than once. To her, the solution to issues is powering one’s self up to engage the other physically.

    New 52 Catwoman’s Selina suffers a trauma- and instead of resorting to a training montage, body armor, or claws for a direct confrontation like Felicia- she dissects her target’s power base as coolly and coldly as one in her position can manage before engaging the target physically.

    Felicia doesn’t handle lateral conflict well, whereas a direct physical threat to Selina is no more dangerous than her daily routine in each one of her solo runs, mini-series, and guest appearances. Does Black Cat really bring any more heat than any of Arkham’s Asylum? Whereas even a slight curveball turns Felicia into a damsel in distress more times than not… and Catwoman specializes in curveballs.

  11. I have to go with Black Cat. I’m pretty sure she has some sort of ambiguous “bad luck” powers or something which are probably more useful in a fight than Catwoman’s stripper powers.

  12. I went with Black Cat because she shows more cleavage. Also because I was buying Spiderman back when she was created and she never once made me think that she was just a Catwoman rip-off. Her Bad Luck powers are subtle, and her affection for SpiderMan was openly whacky, whereas Catwoman had no powers, and in her long history she swung between being an enemy of Batman or a love interest with no explanation for the shift, and the writers can never seem to agree as to origin. Now, if you’d posted a picture of Urtha Kitt as Catwoman I would have voted the other way.

  13. The Black Cat isn’t my actualy favourite – but she was Felicia Hardy wiht augmented strength and agility- no matter how hard the gorgeous Miss Kyle trained she isn’t Batman and can’t compete with superhumans in the same way…

    Black Cat = Pummled Catwoman.

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