This weekend, on the Major Spoilers Podcast, we spent some time talking about online sources like Kickstarter and Indiegogo as places where small projects can get off the ground.  The webcomic Spinnerette is trying to be made into a full length movie, and if it is your kind of thing, the group has put out a trailer to hopefully get you in on the action.

Press Release

Move over Wonder Woman,
there’s a new superhero in town!  Well…kind of yeah. Well she
tries.For the first time, the award winning web comic by Krazy Krow
will be brought to life in human form as a web series.

Spinnerette is an action comedy about a young, nerdy, but highly
enthusiastic grad student named heather  who after a lab accident
gains super-human abilities kind of. Infused with the genetic material
of a spider, she gains spider powers..including Spider
strength(impressive), Spider Senses(well its mostly a malfunctioning
gaydar), the ability to shoot web(from her um…lower back)
and…..yeah six arms growing out of her shoulder. Shes a bit like
Spiderman…only slightly more logical(well not entirely as spiders
don’t have lungs).

Spinnerette tells her story as she attempts to use her powers in the
most obvious method possible. To become a superhero.Except she has no
actual idea how to go about doing this, or any idea how to actually
fight- much less crime. Taking a place in a world less comicbook then
she thinks we follow her struggles and her triumphs, her folly and her
glory as she attempts to fufil her life long dream. Even as the forces
of her evil conterparts conspire to stop her.

Brought to you by writer/director Scott Hillman of Movies For Films,
LLC and Moxie Theory Entertainment, Spinnerette features a magnificent
cast with Toronto native Anna Ross (One Week in Windchocombe, The
Collapsed) as the lead role of Spinnerette. Her best friend and
sidekick, Sahira, will be played by Vanessa Born (Bring It On: Fight
to the Finish, The Young & Rebellious); and arch-nemesis Evil
Spinnerette will be played by professional wakeboarder turned action
actress, Barrett Perlman (Shark Night 3D, Girls!Girls!Girls!).

The goal as discussed by director Scott Hillman is to try to make a
true indie superhero movie, that combines ellemnts of indie comedy
with a superhero film. Several indie comedies have taken as there gag
a character looking as if they just walked out of Comiccon.Spinnerette
defiently does too. However Spinnerette tries to explore the folly and
glory of a persons desire to be a hero. and the inner humanity of a
woman who has six arms and shoots web out of her butt.

For more information, check out the fan page on Facebook:
Spinnerette Webcomic – (check it out)

Indiegogo campaign-

via Spinnerette Film


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