Major Spoilers Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Neon Genesis Evangelion Chopsticks


I know what is on our holiday menu this year – sushi, soba noodles, and a honey glazed ham… And what better way to celebrate the downing of food, than with chopsticks inspired by the Neon Genesis anime series.

Not only will I be able to twirl my noodles, and dine on deliscious sushi, these Neon Genesis Evangelion Chopsticks have tiny uniformed pilots sitting inside, guiding the food to its destination – and destroying giant aliens from outer space at the same time. The chopsticks come in four sets – Asuka Shikinami, Mair Makinami, Rei Ayanami, and Shinji Ikari.

Each pair is kind of expensive at $37.00, but I can’t imagine a better set of utensils for eating than these.

via Japan Trend Shop