Hoaxes and Task Force X

In this issue: Matthew starts off with a discussion over the Doctor Who Hoax from two years ago, and by the time it’s all over, everyone gets to pick their team members to join Task Force X.


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  1. The funny thing about the Dr. Who signals from space hoax is that I retweeted the story from a guy I trusted, I skimmed the story, and thought, ‘Neat, I’ll share this!’ I trusted the source, he’s even British. Not 20 minutes later he let me know it was a hoax and I also tweeted that. The speed we communicate now allows bad info to move fast. I wanted it to be true, wanted to share it,and did. I also issued a correction as soon as I could, something that doesn’t always happen. Hoaxters rely on that speed, and the desire we have for something wondrous to be true. This Dr. Who prank was harmless, but this can move quickly into the area of slander and libel as in the Art Bell example.

  2. I’m definitely with Stephen on the beauty of Kickstarter (and similar sites like IndieGoGo) – they allow things that (while they aren’t mainstream) may have a rabid fanbase – enough to survive and even thrive. Whether big companies or individuals, the more off the wall, niche and quirky things are allowed to have a new life. It’s a beautiful thing!

  3. My Task Force X would be

    Mysterio as the sort of team leader – of all the old scool Spiderman Villans this guy vith a fishbowl for a head i by far my favorite.
    Spot as the infiltrater – your classical teleporter, but as the character below I have a soft spot (see what I did there?) for this guy.
    Bullseye as the sniper/assasin kind of guy – this is offcaurse the bullseye that uses knifes and not guns.
    Enchantress for the true power (and the boobs) only problem is I find it hard to keep her i chek with a collar? But I guess it could be magic? I just really, really want her on the team.

    The twist would offcaurse be that Mysterio was infact one of the good guys. Henry Pym would be a nice fit! He’s doing well in “Earths Mightiest Heroes” and we know he has a dark side.

  4. The biggest resistance a major publisher would have to doing a Kickstarter campaign would be that they’d have to announce how much it would cost to print.

    In my experience, publishers hold on to their printing/royalty/production costs like an accountant holds onto receipts. As much as companies hold dear to their intellectual property, they also hold onto their production methods. I’d bet it’d take some serious petitioning of a lot of old school publishers to get them to agree on a figure.

    I remember trying to get print run numbers out of some pubs back in the day and it was as if I’d asked them what happens in their bedrooms once the lights went out.

  5. I’d put all the (occasionally similar) characters who name starts with either “Dead” or “Death” on the same team.

    Deathstroke would be the leader – and definitely not a leader you want to displease. He’ll get the job done no matter how much blood is on his hands – especially if its that of his teammate.

    Lady Deathstrike would be the team’s close-combat specialist. Her cybernetics would give her reach on any other close-quarters-combatants – and her ninjitsu doesn’t hurt either – or rather, really really hurts.

    Deadshot would be the team’s long range specialist. He might not be as professional or as focused as Deathstroke – but he is just as good at stopping targets cold.

    The one comrade Deathstroke can’t kill – no matter how he tries (and he does try) would be his brother from another Top 2 Comic Book Company Deadpool. Wade Wilson would be Slade Wilson’s wildcard, in pretty much every sense of the word. His incessant babbling would challenge Deathstroke’s authority constantly, but he’d be the one element no one could stop – because no one can stop predict what he’ll do next.

    As for the mystery good guy role, it would be Deadpool on the team – it would be Deadman! Deadman would be the team’s backseat driver, stopping the team from going overboard on certain missions. Deadman will occasionally control a specific member of the team to prevent a specific outcome. But he has to be careful. Deathstroke is no stranger to body snatchers (i.e. Jericho) and if Deadman overplays his possession powers, Deathstoke will be onto him.

    That’s my dream line-up!

  6. Question: Is Santa’s sleigh made with Time Lord science??? Maybe that’s how he can make it around the world in such a short time and fit all those presents in the back………..hmmmmmmmmm.

  7. The original War of the Worlds broadcast featured several announcements that it was a work of fiction and not a description of actual events, both at the beginning and when returning from act breaks. However, if you didn’t turn in from the beginning and/or freaking out before listening to a significant amount of the broadcast they were fairly easy to miss.

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