GrayHaven Comics sent the cover images and solicitation information for the next two volumes of the company’s ongoing anthology series: The Gathering.

Volume 7: Myth (with a cover by Kell Smith) debuts at the end of December which also marks the end of the second year of the anthology’s young existence. This issue also features the finale to Len Wallace (Love Buzz) and Brenda Lopez’s first ‘season’ of The Zipper Club.

Volume 8: Sci-Fi (with a cover by John Coker w/Kell Smith) debuts in January as The Gathering goes MONTHLY. The book also features a story by John Jackson Miller (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Knight Errant) and Mike Lapinski (Feeding Ground).

The Gathering anthology specializes in offering up and coming writers and artists a home to have their work published, often for the first time though comic pros such as Sterling Gates, Glenn Greenberg, Mike Lapinski, Swifty Lang, Gail Simone and Len Wallace have also contributed stories.

via GrayHaven Comics