SOLICITATIONS: Moonstone Books for April 2012


Moonstone Books sent Major Spoilers the cover images and solicitation information for titles arriving in April 2012.

Banzai Banzai HC: No Matter Where you go, There You Are
story: Earl Mac Rauch, WD Richter
Art: Chew Chan, Shawn Van Briesen
Cover: Matt Haley
160pgs, 7” x 10”, color, HC, $49.99,
ISBN: 978-1-936814-26-8

Never before collected stories!
The 1984 film starring Peter Weller, John Lithgow, Ellen Barkin,
Jeff Goldblum, & Christopher Lloyd is a cult classic loved the world over!
writer Mac Rauch and director WD Richter return to their creation with BRAND NEW STORIES!
“…a bold, titillating mix of particle physics, rock n roll, super-sonic speed, beautiful women, and villains beyond redemption.”
Everyone’s favorite adventurer/surgeon/rock star is back again just in time to save the world!
-Get the low down on the events that transpired BEFORE the movie!
-See for the first time a good look and Buckaroo’s beginnings!
This volume reprints the 2 issue “Prequel” series, the two issue “H.O.T.H.” series, and the “Origin” and “Big Size” issues.

Buckaroo Banzai HC: Return of the Screw,
Story: Earl Mac Rauch, Joe Gentile
Art: Stephen Thompson, Keith Williams
Cover: Dave Dorman
118pgs, color, 7” x 10”, HC, $39.99

With the softcover long out of print, here is your chance to get this very limited HC edition!

Along with his Hong Kong Cavaliers, Banzai must battle more than one surprise arch enemy, each with their own motives, but all acting in concert to bring Banzai to his knees!

All this sandwiched between a couple of great rock and roll guitar solos, a few surgical procedures, a crazy gun battle on land and air, Buck’s one chance for the ultimate revenge, his soul in turmoil, all the chicks digging him, engineering synchronicity, pretty toilets, a human pickle, and a giant sombrero!

This volume reprints the super-seller 3 issue mini series, plus a TON of extra goodies: character files!  unused covers! alternate ending! production designs from the unfilmed TV Movie!  An interview with Banzai’s creator Mac Rauch!

O/A Rotten TPB vol.2

O/A Honey West: Anne Francis Commemorative (red cover only)

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