Bluewater Productions sent Major Spoilers the cover images and solicitation information for titles arriving in March 2012.

Wrath of the Titans: Force of the Trojans #1
Author(s): Chad Jones
Artist(s): Damian Graff
Cover Artist(s): Damian Graff
Just in time for the Warner Bros film comes “Wrath of the Titans: Force of the Trojans”.  Monsters are on the loose! As a dangerous dragon tears through the streets of ancient Pythia, the god of the sun Apollo, and his sister, the goddess of the hunt,Artemis leap to the rescue. Who is the shadowy foe behind the creature, andwhat does he want with the twin gods of Olympus?

Wrath of the Titans: Minotaur – Kids graphic novel
Author(s): CW Cooke
Artist(s): Ramon Salas
Cover Artist(s): Ramon Salas
The new hit series continues to roll on, telling the story of Perseus. Thrill at his adventures as he fights alongside Jason against the skeleton army, and watch as he travels to the maze of the minotaur. As his journey continues, will he be able to find his way through the treacherous maze without the help of his trust sidekick, Bubo? Find out here and ONLY here!

  Vincent Price Presents #41
Writer: Rita Gorgoni and Stephen Nelson
Pencils: by Stefano Cardoselli
Cover Artist(s): by Stefano CardoselliI
f ever you should awaken from a troubled sleep, to find yourself in abarren place….If ever you should find yourself wondering who you are, where you came from, or how you came to be running for your very life through a labyrinth of shadows and murderous beasts…If ever you come to feel that your every footfall is guided by a power and a menace which drives you toward your destruction for the sake of its own hideous amusement…

The Muse #4
Writer: Paul Storrie
Pencils: J. Bruce Bogle
Cover Artist(s): 1 covers: Rantz
The mysteries of THE MUSE are revealed! Morgan finally learns the secrets behind her rebirth and the mythological menaces that have plagued her super-identity since her return. But will that knowledge be enough to save her when she faces off against the awesome anger of the FOURTH FURY?

Sherlock Holmes: Victorian Knights #3
Writer: Ken Janssens
Pencils: Matt Martin
Cover Artist(s): 1 covers: Matt Martin
A grieving mother cries “demon” as Holmes and Watson investigate the murder of a former suspect turned victim. On the murky moors, will the detecting duo become the hunters of the unnatural… or the prey?

Quatermain #4
Writer: Clay and Susan Griffith
Pencils: Patricio Carbajal
Cover Artist(s): 1 covers: Patricio Carbajal
Deep in the trackless Congo forests, Allan Quatermain enjoys a brief respite from danger until the lull vanishes due to his own fears and temptations. Then comes a merciless attack by his enemy, the warlord Bwana Nzige. The final bloody battle pits men against monsters, and Quatermain may not be able to save his friends, or himself.

William Shatner Presents: Man O’ War #3
Writer: CJ Henderson
Pencils: Jaime Martinez Rodriguez
Cover Artist(s): Jaime Martinez Rodriguez
Benton Hawkes finally makes it to Mars, but the mystery that dragged him there only deepens. While trying to hammer out an agreement between the workers there and the Earth government, he barely escapes two more attempts on his life, only to discover that one of few people he has come to trust since leaving Earth is the main assassin assigned to kill him!

Logan’s Run: REBIRTH #2
Writers: Paul Salamoff
Pencils: V. Kenneth Marion
Cover Artist(s): V. Kenneth Marion
Having discovered the truth about BOX, Logan returns to the frozen wastelands of Hell to resurrect the cyborg from his icy death. They soon join forces to wage a war on the global network of Thinkers but Logan’s search for redemption will bring him halfway across the globe and this time there’s nowhere to run!

Political Power: Herman Cain
Writer: Jerome Maida
Pencils: L. Kars
Growing up in the segregated South, Herman Cain refused to think of himself as a victim of racism. This is the story of Herman Cain, a man who defines himself as being American first, black second and conservative third. It is an attitude that has made him a successful father, student, businessman, author and now a leading candidate for President of the United States. See how it all began and whatshaped the man who went from “poorer than poor” to a contender for leader of the free world.

John Saul’s The God Project #2
Writer: David McIntee & John Saul
Pencils: Federico De Luca
Cover Artist(s) Federico De Luca
When the families of Eastbury start asking questions, getting answers should provide enlightment and relief. But not in Eastbury. In Eastbury, the questions bring only darkness and death – and the answers can only be more frightening.

Female Force: Carrie Fisher
Writer: CW Cooke
Pencils: Ryan Paule
Cover Artist(s): 1 cover: Joe Phillips
From galaxies far away to stories set all too close to home, Carrie Fisher has done it all and seen it all. From her youth as the daughter of a famous Hollywood singer and actress, to her own time in the acting spotlight, Carrie Fisher has been a strong role model for women everywhere. She has faced adversity at every turn and she has fought back each time. She’s been a sex symbol, a sci-fi goddess, and everything in between, but above all else, she’s been a strongfemale who never gave up.

Writers: Jeffrey Renaud
Pencils: Patricio
ADAM WEST’s adventures in ancient Egypt continue as he discovers Serena’s secret origin. And it’s a good thing she has nine lives because the past, present and future of the long-lasting Luxor Dynasty finds several scintillating ways to skin a cat. Julie Newmar, TV’s original Catwoman, guest stars.


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Robot Overlord

Robot Overlord

Warning: Pregnant women, the elderly, and children under 10 should avoid prolonged exposure to the Robot Overlord. Robot Overlord may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds. The Robot Overlord contains a liquid core, which if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at. If Robot Overlord begins to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head. Do not taunt the Robot Overlord.

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