I’m surprised it took this long, but Tuesday evening, bootlegged copies of the Dark Knight Rises prologue began popping up across the Internet, and if you watched it, you got a glimpse of what Bane was all about.

The original rumors that the prologue featured an in-air heist/exchange between Bane’s cronies and CIA agents does indeed play out, but for the life of me, the copy I saw was so bad, the spectacle of the piece was completely lost. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on whether you saw it or not), the videos have been taken down by Warner Bros. and Big Brother, but the parts that were not a smushed together mess of black and white blobs, looked like Nolan had a lot of fun with the zero-gravity fight scene from Inception and decided to play with it some more in this prologue.

Beyond the fact that Bane comes off as a bad-ass (was there any doubt?) there’s really not much going on besides the action.

For those who saw the prologue in IMAX theaters, was the prologue really mind blowingly good (yes that is a new word), or was it merely an extended trailer that looked pretty?


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  1. Pretty cool! Not as amazing as tdk I think only because we don’t have a preconcieved idea of what bane is and he doesn’t look quite as bad ass as the joker.

    P.s. I have a better leak, full color but half the scren is cut off for part of it

  2. Hopefully it will show up somewhere legit (before the movie is released) for those of us who won’t be seeing it at the imax.

    They did that for the Joker robbery scene from TDK if I remember right.

  3. Saw the prologue at an IMAX theatre on Tuesday night and it was definitely mind blowingly good. It sets the bar high in terms of scale and action for the rest of the film. Bane was not as difficult to understand as some have been saying and he was definitely a badass. My only complaint is the usual overly-scripted dialogue that has been present throughout the series.

  4. I saw it and couldn’t understand anything Bane said. He might as well have not spoken at all. It would have had the same effect. The action was good though. It reminded me of Inception while I watched it.

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