ME WANT: Army of Darkness costume


Head over to eBay, and you’ll find a slew of knock-off costumes from any movie or franchise made by fans.  While these work during the Halloween season, if you really want to impress your friends, you want to escort them secret room off the hallway to your inner sanctum, where you can show off the actual costumes worn in your favorite movies.   The Superman costume worn by Christopher Reeve, the bat suit worn by Michael Keaton, and up on the auction block right now, the costume worn by Bruce Campbell in The Army of Darkness.

Army of Darkness extremely rare screen-used complete Bruce Campbell “Ash” costume on sword-wielding display – (Universal, 1992) Sam Raimi’s epic finale to his Evil Dead trilogy was so hampered by budgetary constraints that friends often helped on the film for free. Consequently, very little from this film (or its even lower budgeted prequels) survived. This elaborate display features Bruce Campbell’s screen worn cape, tunic, pants and complete metal armor (including his screen used leather mechanical stunt gauntlet). A replica sword, shoes and an awesome likeness of Ash in silicone with prosthetic grade glass eyes and hand-punched human hair complete the display. Measures a full 6 ft. tall.

You did indeed read that correctly, you get an awesome likeness of Ash to stand in the corner wearing the costume.  Hail to the king, indeed!

Of course you’re going to need the $12,000 plus needed to win this item, but if you do, you’ll certainly be the man of the hour.

via Profiles in History