Young Justice

In this issue: Rodrigo and Stephen talk up Cartoon Network’s Young Justice and try to talk Matthew into watching the show. Also, fifth week events are discussed.


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  1. Yes Canadians do celebrate Halloween, same with Thanksgiving (on another date),Xmas , New Year and so on…

    Oddly enough I have never, ever heard anyone use the words “Canadian Bacon” in any other instance then when referring to the movie.

      • What I meant is that in Canada no one calls it “Canadian Bacon” it’s called back bacon, what we call “bacon” is the same cut as the one you guys call bacon.

        For some reason Americans decided that “back bacon” was too complicated a word and called it Canadian Bacon instead and for an unknown reason they think we think of that as “bacon” which we don’t.

  2. I think you guys missed the nod to the Young Justice comic with the Secrets episode. “Secret” was the name of a character that joined the YJ team in their first trade. She was experimented on by a secret organization and had the power to turn herself into a ghost like form. The only problem was that she couldn’t turn herself back to normal. Eventually she faded away and died. It was very sad. Also, they flashed back to the first trade with the New Genesphere. When it turned into a motorcycle, it was the Super Cycle that was excavated at a dig site and claimed by Robin, Kid Flash and Superboy in the comics.

    To reply to a comment Rodrigo said, no you don’t need a super steathly teenage team. All of this was talked about in the first episode. The kids were going to go out and be superheroy whether the justice league wanted them to or not so Batman made a place for them. I see them as a mixture of Young Justice and Outsiders.

    I didn’t like how Joker and Riddler looked when they appeared. I tend to like Mrs. Martian more than anyone else on the team and like Robin the least. I thought they were going to make him Damian because he’s kind of a punk. This show has made me really want to see more of Aqualad. I think he’s a great strong character with really great personality.

    The light is made up of Vandal Savage who I don’t think was seen in an episode yet, Ras al Ghul who appeared in the episode that Lex Luthor was going to be killed in, Lex Luthor appeared in the episode where ras al ghul tried to kill him with cheshire and sports master, Queen Bee was shown in a photo and mentioned as ruling the country of Bealia in the episode where they all lost their memory in the desert, Ocean Master hasn’t been shown yet, the Brain appeared in the episode with Captain Marvel going on a mission with them, and Klarion the witchboy appeared in the episode where Dr. Fate was kidnapped.

      • Yes go back and listen just to have Steven’s ridiculous DC bias proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. I think the artistic style of Young Justice is better than the Avengers but the plotting in Avengers is excellent and I am looking forward to the second season. Steven criticised it for a lack of continuity (!) in the plot and jumping from disconnected story to disconnected story! It is a great shame Matthew doesn’t watch more of these series as he often provides a degree of balance to the ascent up DC’s colon. I think both the critical hit and major spoilers podcasts are excellent, but the spoilers podcast is a milking stool, if one of the legs falls off it overbalances.

        • Your point, thou possibly valid (doubt it thou), is greatly overshadowed by the seemingly gratuitous hostility towards Stephen.

          You could have gotten your point across by simply saying “I think Stephen just likes DC shows more then Marvel’s”.

        • Yes go back and listen just to have Steven’s ridiculous DC bias proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. I think the artistic style of Young Justice is better than the Avengers but the plotting in Avengers is excellent and I am looking forward to the second season.

          As with anyone, the opinions of the Major Spoilers Podcast crew (I almost put hosts, but none of us are truly a host… Stephen’s clearly a moderator, I’m more of a color commentator, and Rodrigo moves back and forth between the roles of devil’s advocate and arbitrator) are merely that. Mileage varies, and whatnot… Thank you for the feedback, though.

        • Furthermore I remember being in at least one discussion about “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” and I thought it was disjointed and slow. I will definitely disagree with you that the plotting is excellent. There are episodes that are crammed with too much plot and others whose only point seems to be introducing a secondary character.

          And as a point of reference if you took all my marvel comics you could build a small, yet spacious house for all my DC comics to live in.

        • Ooohhh… sounds like someone doesn’t like me… WOOT! And he doesn’t know how to spell my name either! DOUBLE POINTS! I clearly win the Major Spoilers hate poll for the week! SUCK IT PETERSON!

          If you do go back and listen, you’ll hear me say I do like the show in the stories that are being told, but as each episode ends, viewers are left hanging waiting for something to happen, which clearly doesn’t get explained in the next episode – The Carol Danvers story in particular is one I wanted to follow, but the series didn’t follow up with a brilliant origin story for Ms. Marvel.

          And because my bias for DC is so strong, someone probably missed the shows where I talk about Super Hero Squad and how fun it can be. Also, there are a number of Marvel books I read that I simply adore… Amazing Spider-Man and Daredevil are two of my new must read books. But then again when you listen to someone talk with earplugs in you usually miss those kind of things.

          • Gentlemen I shall pick up my milking stool (having been thwacked with all three legs) and take it to the naughty corner! Sorry Stephen, both for the misspelling and giving you the impression I hate you.

  3. Listening to the podcast now and I wanted to comment on the whole Jay Garrick / Stargirl / Captain Marvel story line. First it was pretty rough to read, but is the kinda after school special with a twist story I would expect from recent JSA. Second I think Jay was a better fit for it than Alan because I think Alan would probably have thrown down instead of talking it out.

  4. I have to say…not only do you guys keep me in stitches at work and/or randomly laughing to myself while at work…

    but you have some great recommendations. I just got around to watching Young Justice…and it is all around good. Thanks! :)

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