Major Spoilers Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Pancake plate with syrup reservoir


Look, we can’t all wake up on Holiday Morning of Your Choice, and expect to be showered with the most awesome gifts ever conceived for comic book fans. Sometimes, you’re gonna get socks. And sometimes… just sometimes… you get plateware… awesome plateware.

The best part of the weekend (besides sleeping in until 7:00 AM) is waking up to the smell of pancakes filling the house. Sadly, pouring syrup all over those hot cakes of wonderfulness ends up a big sticky mess, as one scoots the flapjack across the plate looking to find that hidden morsel of tree sap. This is why these plates with a built in syrup reservoir are so awesome. You are always gonna know where the maple stickiness resides, and there’s more room on your plate for pancake’s best friends, sausage and bacon.

A set of two plates will set you back $45.00, which is a small price to pay for breakfast bliss.

via Uncommon Goods