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On December 14, TwoMorrows Publishing is releasing THE QUALITY COMPANION, by Mike Kooiman and Jim Amash.

THE QUALITY COMPANION (288-page Trade Paperback with COLOR section of classic story reprints) provides the first dedicated look at the prolific Golden Age publisher that spawned a treasure trove of beautiful art and classic characters, including the modern-day “Freedom Fighters”—UNCLE SAM, PHANTOM LADY, BLACK CONDOR, THE RAY, HUMAN BOMB, and DOLL MAN—as well as PLASTIC MAN, BLACKHAWK, and others now under the DC Comics umbrella. It provides the first-ever A-Z in-depth character profiles of every Quality costumed super-hero, many of whom were superbly-produced but are now long-forgotten.

It also reprints—in FULL COLOR—nine complete original stories from the 1940s from such rare collector’s items as FEATURE COMICS SMASH COMICS, POLICE COMICS, NATIONAL COMICS, and CRACK COMICS, and features Golden Age art by the top artistic talents of that era, including LOU FINE, REED CRANDALL, JACK COLE, WILL EISNER, JIM MOONEY, and others! There’s a unique full-length history assembled with commentary from many of the major Quality creators and their progeny, and studies that shed new light on the publisher and its partners. Plus: Up-to-date information about Quality characters’ revivals at DC, including Plastic Man’s short-lived 1960s series, and more about the classic Justice League/Justice Society crossover that reintroduced the Quality characters to the DC Comics universe. DC creators instrumental in these revivals are interviewed, including LEN WEIN, ROY THOMAS, JAMES ROBINSON, and JOHN ARCUDI. Written by MIKE KOOIMAN with JIM AMASH.

Diamond Comic Distributors Order Code: AUG111218

ISBN-13: 978-1-60549-037-3

ISBN-10: 1-60549-037-7

288-page Trade Paperback: $31.95 cover price
Digital Edition: $10.95 (or free when ordering the print edition directly from TwoMorrows Publishing at

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