Major Spoilers Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Fruit Ninja Plushies


My son simply loves Angry Birds, and when the Angry Birds plushies, hats, and decals arrived, he had to have everyone.  But you know, Angry Birds isn’t the only game available on the iPad (and lesser devices) – Fruit Ninja has its followers too, and now they are getting in on the plushie act.

The developers of Fruit Ninja and ToyFoundry have come up with these two figures that fit right in with the game, though I don’t think I would play the game as much if the watermelon I was about to slice up had those soul-filled eyes looking back at me.

The sensei will set you back $15.99, while the watermelon (we’ll call him Phil) is a cool $14.99.  You can buy them individually or together in a combo set for $29.99.

via Fruit Ninja Store