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Johnny Hazard, Frank Robbins’ daring aviator, flies into comic shops tomorrow! This one has been a long time coming to reprint form, as Hazard takes his place alongside other Hermes Press reprint editions like The Phantom, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, and Milt Caniff’s Male Call with Johnny Hazard, Volume One-The Newspaper Dailies: 1944-1946.

Debuting on December 5, 1944, Johnny Hazard follows the adventures of the ace flyboy, his news photographer girl Brandy, and best pal The Admiral, as they take on the Japanese army in the waning days of World War II. Despite the fact that Johnny debuted the literal day before the D-Day Invasion, he successfully outlived the War and ended his run in 1977.

Robbins is no stranger to fans of classic comic strips, having drawn Scorchy Smith before Johnny Hazard, nor is he a stranger to comic book fans, having written Batman and The Unknown Soldier for DC Comics in the ’60s, and then exercising his artistic chops on Captain America, The Invaders, and Ghost Rider for Marvel in the late ’70s. Johnny Hazard is his legacy, and we’re proud to present it in a series of library-edition hardcovers.

Reproduced in its entirety from the King Features printing proofs, Johnny Hazard, Volume One-The Newspaper Dailies: 1944-1946 is the start of your beautiful friendship with this two-fisted aviator.

ISBN #1-61345-004-8
Diamond Code: JUN111145
Deluxe hardcover; black and white with color section; 256 pages

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