This was mentioned a while ago, but DC confirmed today that Gail Simone will not be writing Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man after her sixth issue.

DC did state that Simone will remain on the Batgirl title, but things are definitely shaking up around the DC offices following the first arc of The New 52.  For those who are wondering what is next for The Fury of Firestorm, DC has announced that Joe Harris and Ethan Van Sciver will be co-writers of the series.

“The secrets are out, the weapons are amassing, and Ronnie and Jason have barely begun to understand the depths in which they’re swimming,” said series editor Rachel Gluckstern. “Once they were normal teens, now they wield incredible powers – and have caused incredible disasters. And it’s only going to get worse. Ethan Van Sciver and Joe Harris are kicking down the doors in this new chapter of THE FURY OF FIRESTORM, taking our heroes into the global arena of politics and power. We’re going to learn the truth about Professor Stein and all the plans he set in place, which are now spiraling out of control. Join us for the thrilling new story — THE FIRESTORM PROTOCOLS!”

With the announcement that changes are occuring with Legion Lost, what other titles are going to see creative teams get tweaked in the coming days and months?

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  1. What is with the facial expression in that panel? It looks like he’s either having a personal moment or he’s just eaten a lemon.

  2. I’m a Firestorm fan and I cannot get behind him/them after the relaunch, I really respect and enjoy a majority of Gail’s work, but I couldn’t find a comfort level with this book. Dropped it after 2.

    • Same here. Jason in particular felt like one of our clients when they de-comp, not anything like his former self. It was the biggest disappointment for me out of the entire New 52 (note – I didn’t read every single book) because Gail Simone is usually such a good writer. I guess it’s a reminder that she’s human & still makes mistakes. Here’s hoping the next team has some passion for Firestorm & can get the character back to a decent place.

  3. Couldn’t wait for this one to come out and boy did it suck. She was great on Secret Six but has no clue about Firestorm…I mean Hulkstorm? What was that?

  4. I really was excited to see Firestorm was going to be an ongoing title again in the New 52 but once I read the first issue the thing that I took from it was it felt like amateur hour at DC Comics. Between the story not being compelling and turning Jason and Ronnie into complaining, arguing asses and the art feeling watered down and extremely lacking for my tastes, I couldn’t even bring myself to read any issues after the first. Maybe next reboot DC could get Firestorm right…

  5. I really wish this title was even a fraction of the quality it could have been.

    Gave it a lot of leeway in the hope that Simone would take it in a better direction. Unfortunately, with this news, it looks like that won’t be the case.

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