Looks like Marvel is keeping with its “one character death per quarter” announcement.  Who is next to pass through Marvel’s revolving door of death?  It isn’t who you might think.

DEADPOOL #50 (DEC110676)
Written by DANIEL WAY
Could this be it? Has everyone’s favorite Merc With A Mouth finally made an appointment with Lady Death? This February, witness the biggest change in Deadpool’s life as “DEAD” kicks off in Deadpool #50! From the creative team of Daniel Way & Carlo Barberi, Deadpool’s lease on life is about to expire and those around him are going to feel the consequences including X-Force! Following the epic battle with his former body parts gone rogue, Wade Wilson makes a monumental decision that will forever change who he is.

Start your Deadpool Returns stopwatches now!

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  1. Have you noticed that very, very few of the “deaths per quarter” have lasted barely a quarter? Bucky is back (he never really died). Human Torch is coming back. And though Nightcrawler isn’t quite back yet, he does have an AoA counterpart joining the team.

    Not sure about Deadpool’s death though. He was one of the main reasons I was reading X-Force.

      • Since no one responded to my query I hit up the Wiki about it. Without going any more into spoilers, Fear Itself 7.1 (the Captain America one) explains things.

  2. Well at the very least it will be interesting to see how they do manage to kill him and when he does come back (see you in 4 months deadpool!) weather they pull the cheap he regenerates trick.

    I personally think it would be better if they took him out of the main cannon for a bit maybe give him some random adventures in an alternate universe of his own and give the appearance of him being dead in the cannon universe .

    On an end note this death per quarter buisness is getting cheap especially since you know its going to be retconned very soonish after publication

  3. Really? I just picked up Deadpool last month with #46 and loved it. Now they’re killing him off?

    And to think that I was considering picking up more Marvel.

  4. With this and the endless renumbering to brutalize the #s 1 and the so-called “legacy numbering” it’s like Marvel is trying it’s damndest to kill off any and all BIG EVENT SALES SPIKES!

  5. “DEAD” kicks off in Deadpool #50!

    Seems like this is just the start of a story arc, if’n I’m readin’ that right. I don’t think Wade’s really “going” anywhere… This is me-taking-guesses: He gets involved in some kinda Goes-to-hell/afterlife/FrankenCastle weirdness.

  6. Isn’t Death, the female personification, in love with Deadpool though? I seem to remember this whole thing about Thanos being jealous of her affection for Wade and then Thanos did something to make sure he never died.

    • Yeah, that all happened in his old solo title. If they don’t tie some of that stuff in, it will be a shame.

      I liked the angle, and would love to see Thanos v. Deadpool. It would be the most ridiculous show down I could imagine.

  7. Okay I’ve been a fan of the House of Ideas for almost thirty years but this is just getting stupid. I only have a fan marvel titles in my pull list to start with and it looks like its going to be even less if this keeps up.

  8. Deadpool has been dead before, even went to his own funeral, ‘funeral for a fiend’ which was a play on Superman’s death and ‘Funeral for a friend’.

  9. “the epic battle with his former body parts gone rogue”
    Dead character happen all the time, but oh my god, how is THAT not what we’re all going wow about?

    Like Plastic Man once said, “You lose all sense of wonder in this business”

    • He’s not really wade wilson, he killed a guy named Wade Wilson and took his identity and because he is nutso he has always thought that he was Wade Wilson. Even though he knows he is not Wade Wilson he still goes by the name Wade Wilson. The real Wade Wilson is a guy named T-Ray. Wikipedia T-ray. Basically which ever writer that an individual Deadpool reader likes best decides wether or not Deadpool is Wade Wilson or not.

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