Marvel has announced one of its big projects for 2012, and it sounds like a Major Spoilers Poll of the Week – Avengers vs. X-Men.

The event kicks off in April, and according to the publisher is a “landmark 12-issue pop culture event.”

AVENGERS VS X-MEN is written by a team of the top-selling authors in the comic book industry today: Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Jonathan Hickman, Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction. This unprecedented assembly of acclaimed writers is joined by a trio of the industry’s superstar artists: John Romita Jr., Olivier Coipel and Adam Kubert.

If you are concerned it is going to take an entire year to play out, Marvel shared that this is a twice-monthly series that will be in stores and on your digital device day and date, which goes along with the company’s recent push to double up on its popular titles in the months to come.

“AVENGERS VS X-MEN brings together the most powerful forces in comics for a super hero war like you’ve never seen before and will never see again. We all want to see the best of the best go against each other—Lakers & Celtics; Ali & Frazier; Yankees & Red Sox; and in comics it’s the Avengers fighting the X-Men, ” said Axel Alonso, Editor in Chief, Marvel Entertainment. “We’ve brought together the biggest writers, biggest artists and biggest characters for the biggest story we’ve ever told. This is the kind of high-octane action-packed story that fans demand while also having a profound effect on every character involved—and reshaping the Marvel Universe in its wake.”

It sounds like a Marvel fans dream come true.  Is it?

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  1. So what will Storm and Wolverine do during this titanic fight? Battle themselves?
    I think I liked this better when it was done in the Ultimate Universe. Better yet, when it was done in 4 issues during the 1980’s.

  2. This looks like to me like a blatant attempt at a money grab. And it seems that the whole split in the X-Men doesn’t apply. Still, fun can be pointless so “Good reading!” to anyone who wants to pick this up.

  3. High-octane? Are they going to be battling each other while driving cars, trucks and semis?

    I think I could get on board with that.

  4. Yesh. Too many questions ahead of time. Obviously Hank McCoy and Jimmy Howlett would fight each other to strangle the dog poop out of Scott Summers. Namor’s history with Captain America only goes back to the 1940’s and he’s going to drop that for a bunch of folks he just started hanging out with? You put Storm in the Avengers and now SPOIL it by having her in this scene trying to fry Iron Man? The only thing in this whole over-reaching arc is the transformation of Scott Summers to what he hated most, John Cena. No, wait, that should be a combination of Magneto and Mr. Sinister. However, any team lead by Steve Rogers would best Cyclops and his island nation. Why? Because he’s Captain America, dammit! And plus he’s got Wolverine and Spiderman on his team so they get an automatic “W”.

    (Just kidding about Cena. Great guy and good worker no matter what anyone says. He can’t help it if nobody in WWE knows how to actually book a wrestling match or angle worth a crap.)

  5. Top 10 Responses to Avengers vs. X-Men
    1. I feel really let down that they could only get 12 issues out of it.
    2. Maybe there will be Avengers Academy vs. Jean Grey Institute spinoff.
    3. Way to show up late for Civil War, X-Men. Is your mutant power tardiness?
    4. You know Avengers are only getting top bidding because of Whedon.
    5. Hey, who let the college d-bag in there with the- oh, hey Hawkeye.
    6. Every time I see Rulk in the Avengers, I think about how someone must have said “You can’t use the Hulk right now.” Then Bendis killed that guy for saying no to Bendis.
    7. My money’s on the fight being over a missing pie. And the true culprit? Johnny Storm. Swerve. I know, right?
    8. “OK, which mutant are the Avengers trying to kill now?”
    9. Speaking of which, shouldn’t they finish the ongoing over-a-year Children’s Crusade Avengers vs. X-Men fight BEFORE they start a new one?
    10. If I find out two years from now that these are all Xorn’s kids, I am going to be SO pissed.

  6. All the Boston references here..Red Sox….Celtics…John Cena……are we awesome or something? Oh YEAH we are!!

    Anyhoo like Russ said this was done back in the 80’s….as usual another old Marvel idea regurgitated by Bendis I have no doubt.

  7. “having a profound effect on every character involved—and reshaping the Marvel Universe in its wake”. How many times have I heard this in the last decades? Is this what they call irony?

  8. Yeah, got to feature the avengers in the summer crossover since the movie is coming out in May…watch. in 2013 the crossover will focus on Spider-Man and/or Iron Man.

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