Dance Party with the Thundercats

In this issue: Music for kids to dance to, and Rodrigo tries to convince Stephen and Matthew to watch The Thundercats on the Cartoon Network.


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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the file for this show is the same as #361: Batman and the Doctor. Of course, when you read this it’ll probably be fixed already and I’ll look like a jackass for pointing it out when it clearly isn’t the case (Hello future people!).

  2. The direct download link is wrong, it goes to episode 361, not 363. Thought I’d finally gone mad or my precognitive secondary mutation had kicked in when you guys started talking about the Brave And The Bold finale “again”.

  3. Rodrigo is totally correct about Cobie Smulders (Hubba Hubba, Zoot Zoot!) she is waaaay hotter than Ashley Williams (Victoria). I hated it when they hinted the character would return, and cheered when she left.

    In the Big Bang Theory Zodiac, Matthew is a Sheldon/Howard cusp.

    • In the Big Bang Theory Zodiac, Matthew is a Sheldon/Howard cusp.

      You’re a Sydney Sheldon custard!! Wait, what?

      I seriously have no idea what it is you are talking about. And Cobie Smulders, while pretty, is no Ashley Williams.

      • To each his/her own, but I finally found myself agreeing with Matthew on something…Cobie is my favorite of the regular crew but Ashley is far prettier in my eyes.

  4. The new Thundercats, it was ok, for me a little more expansion on the Thundercat universe,(or as I like to call it the Lorimar Universe Thundercats, Silverhawks, and Tigersharks), If you watch the episodes there’s one especially that links all three together. I am not going to say which you can call it an Easter Egg if you will. I won’t Major Spoil it. Again Rodrigo’s assessment of the Thundercats, I would give it 4.5 slices of meatloaf. I know it’s difficult to get someone who has never seen the original Thundercats or was introduced maybe just with an issue or so of Marvel Star Comic line. When you watch it especially those who play D&D will see alot of the same mixing of Tolken and Sci-Fi that are popular and played as I have listened to in the Critical Hit Podcasts… The original Thundercats, similar mixing but had more expansion(130 episodes) with the new series so far 13 episodes it a start but as a success I hope even though most of the cartoons in prime time it seems have to move the toys and other merchandise. I hope that it does better than the He-Man 2000-02 run, but with Cartoon Network one never really know for sure.

  5. After listening to this podcast and Critical Hit, all I can say is that Matthew should definitely track down the latest Super Sentai show – Pirate Sentai Gokaiger. It’s the 35th entry in the series, and is a mega-crossover between all the shows. The Pirate Rangers are able to use the powers of all previous rangers, and a large part of the show revolves around unlocking the “ultimate power” of each ranger team – generally with cameos by actors from those teams. This show is both epic and amusing, and also serves as a sort of primer on all the Super Sentai that have come before it, while still exhibiting all the tropes of the series.

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