FOUND FORTUNE: Action Comics #1 goes for $2.16 million


While there is no confirmation that the copy of Action Comics #1 that sold yesterday in auction belonged to Nicolas Cage, the comic did bring the seller $2.16 million. The online auction started at $1.00 with a $900,000 reserve, and by the time it was over, someone made a pretty penny for a copy of the first appearance of Superman.

The copy that sold Wednesday evening on ComicConnect was in better condition than the previous most expensive comic (Action Comics #1 which sold for $1.5 million), and if this is indeed Cage’s comic, he made a huge profit as he originally purchased Action Comics #1 for $150,000 in 1997. There’s no word on who purchased the comic, and considering Cage had his copy stolen years ago (and then recovered) I wouldn’t want anyone knowing I have the money sitting around to spend on this title.

via The BBC