All-Star Western to introduce the Barbary Ghost


When All-Star Western #4 arrives in December, it features an all new hero – The Barbary Ghost.

According to Jimmy Palmiotti, “Our story follows the plight of the Tsen family, a group of Chinese immigrants coming to the new world to make a fresh start for themselves in America. More specifically, we focus on the daughter of the family, Yanmei, as she deals with crime lord Bo Long, and his gang of killers and thieves as they shake down her family for protection money. With any introduction of any new character, we establish the world around her, the supporting cast of her family members, and introduce a situation where the odds are stacked against our hero. We felt, looking at all the western characters out there, that featuring a character that has a Chinese background would be an interesting twist to the western genre, and at the same time introduce the reader to another story about the world back then that isn’t covered very much in comics. The history of the old west is so rich and fascinating, we wanted to create characters that would not only be interesting, but also keep with the tradition of ALL-STAR WESTERN. “

The art and colors by Phil Winslade and Dominic Regan look really great in these two pages released by The Source, and a tale set in 1870s San Francisco is a nice hook.

All-Star Western #4 arrives December 28, 2011.

via The Source