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Science fiction is gaining an unlikely pair of adventurers in 2012, with a new series from What The Flux Comics (WTFC). “The Adventures of Mac and Trouble” (creator Rusty Gilligan and artist Michael Mayne) will bring together an all-ages ‘tail’ of epic proportions, as the world of ‘funny books’ merges with reality-hopping sci fi, to bring fans an unusual look at comics as they’ve never quite seen them before. May God help us all.

MAC AND TROUBLE are two average house cats who fall through a wormhole in their litter box and land directly into the deepest reaches of ‘alternate’ reality, showing them a new world of amazing creatures, and launch them into a never-ending journey to find their way home… after all, it was almost dinner time when they left ! But… was it an accident, or were they meant to be there ? During their adventures, you’ll meet all sorts of characters on their comedic travel through the universe… some familiar, some not. Among them, long lost heroes, movie monsters, and historical figures to name a few, on a wild journey of the absurd.

The best way to describe their story is to look back to the Bob Hope/Bing Crosby ‘road pictures’ … the Marx Bros… ‘buddy films’.

“We’re looking at great fun and high adventure much like the “Disney Afternoon”… “Duck Tales”, and “Tale Spin”.” Gilligan said, “Comics such as “Cerebus the Aardvark”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, and “Howard the Duck” are major influences to the style of the book. The mix of ‘funny animals’ into ‘real world’ situations is key to the development…”

Of course, there’s the villain behind their journeys… what can be gained by two cats lost in the cosmos, and where will they find cheese ?! Well, WTFC intends to show you.

“I really think today’s comics have gotten too mature for their readers”, says Gilligan. “We need to step back and have fun with comics again.”

Gilligan is no stranger to comics. Starting in 1978, Gilligan has worked with Marvel, DC, Image, Big Bang, Heavy Metal and more… most recently, with Upper Deck on Marvel-related cards, and on the recent Comic Book Legal Defense Fund set from Cryptozoic Entertainment. He’s also done film work for movies such as “Heavy Metal”, “Spiderman” 2 & 3, and “Capt America”.

Joining Gilligan is artist Michael Mayne, also known for his work on the “Massively Effective” comic and his own amazing title “Bonnie Lass: The Legend”. His unique brand of animation breathes strong life into these two characters. Additionally, you’ll find work from Arthur Gibson (co-writer), and 2 of WTFC’s regulars Russ Leach and Terry Pavlet, who have already provided guest artist chores.

At the beginning of 2012, a special news strip edition of “Mac and Trouble” will be released featuring their Sunday-funnies style news strips and a special comedy intro story.

Soon after, there’s a 4-card prototype set which will feature an original sketch card in every pack, marking the first time a sketch card is to be used as a promo card. Artists include a long list of industry professionals, and, some ‘unique’ additions. Card fronts display original art and photos of the real cats, while backs form a puzzle with of their very first web-strip.

“Since Mac and Trouble are based on real-life cats, we’ve decided to include 100% original ‘paw print’ cards which are stamped with the real paw print of the cats, dated, and include a small art sketch.” Gilligan added.

The main character, Mac, is handicapped in real life with an ailment known as “Cerebellar Hypoplasia” which effects his walking and motor skills. To help all animals in need, a portion of the profits from all “Mac and Trouble” book and card projects will be collected and donated to national animal charities.

In conjunction with this project, “Mac and Trouble” will be featured in a series of crossovers with some of Indy’s finest creators. These “Litterbox Editions” will feature more ‘animated’ alternate versions of these Indy main characters, set in an all-ages atmosphere, and offering a new perspective on your Indy favorites.

This new property ushers in a whole new extension for WTFC, the publisher, as it enters into the ‘all-ages category’. “Mac and Trouble” will be under a new imprint known as Rusty Ink! and is the creation of Rusty Gilligan and his studio.

“We are excited to get a foot in the door for the ‘All-Ages’ side of publishing…” stated Larry Jarrell CEO of What The Flux Comics Publishing Inc, “Not to mention we have the very talented Rusty Gilligan bringing his art back into the printed realm; we couldn’t be happier.”

Currently, “Mac and Trouble” is featured in a new campaign on IndieGoGo, and features some incredible prizes for investment. Rewards include: original art, exclusive art prints, sketch card commissions, personalized desktop patterns, chances to appear in the comic, and more! The only way to obtain the promo card set is through IndieGoGo, and the sets are very limited. You can find more information, exclusive art, news strips, and the whole story behind “Mac and Trouble” at

THE ADVENTURES OF MAC AND TROUBLE, a 32-page full color comic with a cover price of $3.99, will be available for order through Previews and various online distributors, and will be on sale this summer.

What The Flux Comics is a comic book and graphic novel publisher with such titles as “Red Angel”, “Da’kota”, and “Concrete Dove” among others.

Rusty Ink! is a new studio venture from Rusty Gilligan, and contains such properties as Mac and Trouble, The Super, Symbol, Lisa Panic, and The Lost Days Of Hercules, a tale to be released Summer 2012


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