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Celestial Crusade

This episode: It’s time to dive into the mailbag and answer your questions.


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  1. “Isolate and Involve” has worked wonders for me. One of my players is sort of shy, and therefore holds back on the roleplaying. Also he’s the one in my groupe who enjoys the game least. Sooo the major sideplot in the story in the store is a great white dragon trying to get revege on him for killing her son. This really involves him, and all other player loves the game no matter what.

  2. Yei! I was mentioned! So happy right now *_____*. By the way Matthew, your Pope Mario is highly amusing and never offensive :D.
    This show was very informative on many levels, both from a game and tecnical standpoint. Some time ago I also though about starting to record my sessions and put it out there since there are 0, absolute 0 italian podcast with D&D play as you guys do (even rubbish quality). At least that i’m aware of.
    Anyway, when I used to play a homebrewed game years ago, my character was driven by his quest of revenge and DM was very good to make me chase these objectives, working in a organization in order to be able to reach character’s Villan.
    I had sooooo much fun playing that char, since for me it’s fundamental to be involved on a personal level, with emotions rather then “Oh yes, I want this awesome sword”.
    Nothing wrong about it, doesn’t work for me.
    Thank you again, can’t wait to hear end of season 3!

  3. Just wanted to pronounce a couple theories real quick, before the season is over:

    1.) We know that a previous incarnation of the Queen Trebellia’s Daughter (who is still, by far, the coolest minor character on the show ever… Even on par with Thoney) was partnered in the Underdark wars with Thoney. When the party mentioned meeting an adventuring companion of his in Tuberville, he said “Was it a dwarf?”. Pa (from the staticite arc) also was an adventurer out by the farbrights and could have ventured farther in. He and Thoney being the same age, I was cued off when he said “If you ever get in trouble, ask a dwarf for help… And I don’t mean monetary trouble, ’cause they stingey.”

    • Were all three part of a party way back when? It would make sense.
      And, more importantly…
      2.) Randus’s shadow… If you recall when it first appeared, they had been in the temple of the Triscellion for a while, and had unwittingly been using the artifact for a while before they noticed it. When the Queen Trebellia’s Daughter pointed it out to Randus, the shadows were at opposite ends. This made me think of the clock countdown in Watchmen. If my theory is correct, then the clock would be at roughly 6:00. After the Penelope’s Chronometer debacle, the shadows were directly beside each other. Keep in mind he rolled a natural one on the arcana check. It would be about 11:00 or somewhere thereabouts in this case.

      My theory is that the two shadows are a clock counting down to something, and every time he makes use of an artifact, some of his soul is drained away. When the clock reaches 12:00, the void monstrosity could be summoned.

      Anyway, great show guys, and thanks a lot for the experience! Keep it up!

  4. There was an episode a while back in which Rob’s plan for Smith was elaborated (and in which the Spellscarred feats and powers were discussed). Anyone remember the specifics of Smith’s future development (or which episode it was)?

  5. I know this is years after this episode was released, but two things here mentioned here shocked me. 1) The fact that Matthew thinks he’s funny, and 2) Stephen has the ability to edit out Matthew’s long-winded unfunniness, but doesn’t.

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