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Chrissie Claus returns for her annual Christmas visit in the pages of Adventures of Chrissie Claus #4.

This holiday special from Heroic Publishing features Santa’s li’l elfin granddaughter on a mission to rescue her friend Missy Mistletoe from the clutches of the evil Anti-Claus. It’s the thrilling conclusion to her epic confrontation with her arch-enemy Cernunnos, in a story by Wilson Hill, with artwork by Rob Jones and comic book legend Dick Giordano. This adventure of Chrissie Claus was one of Dick Giordano’s last works before his untimely passing.

This issue of the Adventures of Chrissie Claus also features a cover by Frank Brunner, and a special bonus feature by Dennis Mallonee and Tim Burgard, in which comics’ shining goddess of light, FLARE, tells the story of Christmas.

Adventures of Chrissie Claus #4 is available exclusively by single copy order from Heroic Publishing’s website at, and by bulk order from Heroic Publishing’s Heroic Distribution service at

For more information, please visit the Heroic Publishing website at

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