We’ve got a great contest for fans of Doctor Who – You can win the Complete Sixth Series on DVD.

On November 22nd, Whovians can join The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) and Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) as they make their triumphant return in a season filled with fresh thrills, new monsters and pulse-pounding adventures. Plentiful extras include a 60-minute Christmas Special; Doctor Who Confidential, an inside look at each episode; audio commentary; trailers and more.

Sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it?

How to Enter:

  1. Use the comment section below to tell us your favorite Doctor Who villain/monster of all time, and more importantly, why.  You don’t have to limit your answer to season six baddies only.
  2. Make sure you use a real e-mail address, so we can contact you if you win!
  3. Answers must be submitted by Sunday November 27, 2011.

We’ll pick the winner and announce it on the November 30, 2011 Major Spoilers Podcast (episode #362).

  • The grand prize winner will get a copy of Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series DVD
  • Three runners up will get a copy of Doctor Who: Series Six, Part Two.


Well, what are you waiting for?  Enter now!


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  1. My favorite villian/monster has to be the angel statues. Just a really neat concept of a monster that only attacks you when your not looking. Also it was the first episode that got my wife interested in the show when before she was complete uninterested.

  2. My favourite have to be the Daleks, just alone for the reason how creepy they where when they reintroduced them in the new series. Really good handling of a somewhat “silly” concept

  3. The Editor. TV stunting humanity’s development is nothing new, but Simon Peg’s portrayal of the mouthpiece of the being we thought was running the show made it interesting.

  4. I’ll have to go with the Abzorbaloff for 2 reasons:
    1. It is from one of the few Dr. Who episodes I’ve seen so far. (I’m new to the series.)
    2. It was designed by a nine year old for a contest. The thought of a child being able to contribute to a long running show is really cool.

  5. Mine would be the Master. I really enjoy how they play off of each other and the actor who portrayed him most recently did an amazing job.

  6. Timothy Barnes on

    My favorite Doctor Who villains are the Daleks. These are just the timeless foe of the Doctor that keep coming back over and over again.

  7. Justin Wawrzonek on

    I always liked the Cybermen. Not only are they evil robots, but they are also used to be alive. You are being killed by your friends who have been converted into killer machines. Creepy.

  8. The Weeping Angels are my favorite monsters of the more recent Doctor Who series. Just the idea of a statue like-creature that moves when you’re not looking at it, is a creepy idea. Those two episodes were my favorite of that series.

  9. My favorite, simply because they still reside in my nightmares, are the Weeping Angels. It always makes me think twice when I’m visiting a cemetery, or a church even. They had quite the impact on me.

  10. My favorite Doctor Who villain is The Master. He is a renegade Time Lord out to control the universe. He is the perfect foil for The Doctor. And, on occasion, he has helped The Doctor.

  11. The weeping angels are my favorite Doctor Who villains. They are silent, creepy looking, just blend in to their environment and the tension they create whenever they show up is incredible.

  12. My favorite Doctor Who villain/monster of all time has to be the Silence. The idea that you could be so terrified and then forget it in an instant to the detriment of your own safety is fantastic. Not since the angels in Blink had I been that freaked out by a concept.

  13. The Great NateO on


    Not only is he a “Time Lord” but I believe he is the only villain that The Doctor is afraid of. Any of the other villains he comes across his is like, ya I’m going to kick you @$$ with my sonic screwdriver. The Master is unstable, strange, crazy, unpredictable and not just out to kill The Doctor but to wipe him out from the unervise.

    Now I know was in the old episodes, but the way he is setup with the 10th Doctor was mind blowing. Here is a guy that will die just to spit in The Doctors face, so he knows that he is the last Time Lord left. Even though The Master does not want to die. The fear in The Doctor eyes every time The Master was in the same room was AWESOME. Even when The Master loses he still wins when it comes to The Doctor. They are brothers after all and, we always hurt the ones we love.

    I do hope the bring this villain back with the 11th Doctor, that would be fun

    One last thing – He has a Laser Screwdriver, enough said!

  14. My favorite Dr. Who Villain has to be The Master.
    I loved watching the older series as he would chase Dr. Who across all of creation.
    I also really loved the extra backstory given to him portraying him as a victim of the council.

    Above all, I love his theme song. The never-ceasing drumbeat calling all to war. Amazing!

  15. My favorite have to be the Cybermen. The Daleks might be the Doctor’s mortal enemy, but the Cybermen (I Think) hold the singular honor of killing one the Doctor’s companions, Adric. In Earth Shock they destroy the controls to a space ship that begins slipping backward in time, and the doctor is unable to get the Tardis aboard to save him before the ship crashes in to prehistoric earth and also cause the extinction of the dinosaurs. This episode also holds the rare honor of seeing the doctor kill. The Doctor rakes Adric’s gold star pendant across the Cyberman’s chest breather, exploiting their weakness to gold and killing him. The credits roll in silence with Adric’s broken star the only thing in frame.

  16. My favorite Doctor Who villain would be the Autons, there is just something incredibly creepy of how they can essentially hide in plain sight, and more importantly impersonate people. The hand gun they have is not as overt & present as the Daleks’ cannon, perfect for their methods of attacking and killing. Plus they’ve been used as the best way to bring someone back with Rory. While not as iconic as some of the other monsters, the Autons are always present with great subterfeuge.

  17. One of my favorite Doctor Who Villains is one of his oldest… Originally the head of the Kaled Scientific Elite on the planet Skaro… he is the everliving father & creator of the Daleks… HE IS DAVROS!!!

    I mean, how can this guy NOT be one of favorite villains of all time? He, single handedly, created one of the most feared races in ALL of Time and Space… I mean not to mention that in leading up to creating Daleks, he experimented on living subjects to deify the Kaled… HIS OWN RACE… I mean… who does that? Who experiments on their own race to create a superior race; who’s only purpose is to destroy EVERYTHING in the universe?

  18. My favorite Doctor Who villain of all time was the Doctor. The five minutes during the Waters of Mars special when he actually sees how he can truly be a Time Lord Triumphant. The split second he goes too far and becomes what he has always fought against. The Master, Rassalon, The Rani; he finally got a taste of why they did what they did, only there is no one who can stop him, save himself.

  19. My favorite villain is The Master. He’s the perfect compliment to The Doctor, equally brilliant and eccentric! Add a touch of psychopathy and bobs your uncle, the perfect arch nemesis!

  20. My favorite DW villain/monster of all time is the Beast. A freaky monster that the Doctor barely beat because it was so ancient even he did not immediately know about it. An amazing Tenth episode!
    And the audience never ever saw the Beast. ever. scary~

  21. My very first episode of the good Doctor was the Weeping Angels one. It completely freaked me out, and after that one was done, I simply had to get all the Doctor Who I could get my sweaty hands on.

    These villains are so amazing, and imaginative. The “Don’t even blink!” tag line is simply genius.

    After I saw all the episodes, I simply ran the 2 Weeping Angels episodes back to back for about a week. My wife nearly divorced me after 4 or 5 days of it. Now I watch them in secret, on my computer, while she sleeps…and that’s barely not a joke…

    Mokin just loves these episodes. Mokin’s eyes are getting very dry indeed…must not blink…must not blink…

    …must not blink…

  22. I have to second the Silence. They may be new, but they are just so nifty. The memory wipes (with the incredibly effective visual cue of the black marks, always growing in number), the bat-like hanging, the knowledge that they could be doing so much more to you (and the accompanying paranoia of why they aren’t, or are they, but you just don’t know it yet) and of course their snazzy suits – what’s not to like?

  23. My favorite Who villain is kind of a weird one. It’s one that isn’t necessarily the best overall in the series but it’s one that actually scares me.
    The Dream Lord in s5.ep7 isn’t a physically imposing villain. It’s not even said if he has a physical form. But what he does to Amy, Rory, and the Doctor is frightening because they make them question themselves. My favorite baddies have always been ones that psychologically attack you. Physical hulks like the Cyberman always have a weakness and you’re always able to calm down and figure out a way to destroy them. But when someone is messing with your head it’s hard to gather your wits and plan an attack. The Dream Lord makes the Doctor question what’s important to him and allows him to see how his selfishness can affect the ones that he loves, which leads to some hard moments later in season 5 and onward to season 6. The Doctor is such a solid figure, as is Amy early in season 5, and it’s scary to see them be broken down by the Dream Lord. And even scarier is that the Doctor could manifest this “dark side” as easily as the Dream Lord has at any given point.

  24. I really like the Weeping Angels. The gave me nightmares when I first saw them and when I introduced my Fiance to Doctor Who, I used that first episode to get her interested. She refused to watch that one ever again.

  25. The Black Guardian. The main reason for this is because the White Guardian and Black Guardian are the good and bad of the Doctor. The Doctor being his own worst enemy makes sense, since he has beat everyone else. The creation of the White and Black Guardian are suppose to be at the end of Matt Smith’s run. It should be interesting to see if the stick to continuity or not.

  26. I Would go with the Weeping Angels because I can’t even mention them without my girlfriend freaking out, they scare her that much. Also, the concept lends itself to being a creepy, menacing monster/villain that allows the show to exude the best horror/suspense.

  27. i gotta go with the clockwork robots, because they make for a creepy backdrop to my absolute favorite Doctor Who episode, The Girl in the Fireplace. I fall in love every time I watch it, with both Madame du Pompadour, and The Doctor, and Rose, and the whole series (well, maybe not Mickey) I watch this every time I’m home sick from work.

    But clockwork steampunk organ harvesting robots in French Renaissance garb? Awesome.

  28. My favorite foe of the Doctor has got to be the Cyber Men. I think they are pretty intense because they are seeking to take over all of humanity and turn them in to cold emotionless beings. They are pretty scary because they wish to take away everything that makes us human. The best moment with the Cyber Men though has to be when Rory is talking to the Cyber Men fleet in Series 6.

  29. Joshua Barriger on

    Definitely the best enemy ever is the Weeping Angel! By far the creepiest and scariest enemy the Doctor has come across. They stand in an ominous stance, waiting to prey on their unsuspecting prey. They literally steal your life away, and you have to live on, knowing it is gone forever. A single moment, and an involuntary action of the body causes you your life
    Whatever you do, don’t blink!

  30. While the Weeping Angels and The Master are huge fan favorites I would chose Rassilon.

    Before the Doctor destroyed Gallifrey, Rassilon attempted to break Gallifrey out of the time lock that blocked the Last Great Time War from temporal manipulation, placing a drumming beat in the mind of the Master when the Master gazed into the Time Vortex through the Untempered Schism as a child (and thus making Rassilon ultimately responsible for the Master’s evil).

    I think Timoth Dalton did an exceelnt job in portraying him even though his on screen time was quite short.

    Love the show!

  31. I’m a little split on this one between Davros and The Master. I’m a big fan of the 4th Doctor and “Genesis of the Daleks” is propbably my favorite episode of all time. Davros being a thin veil for Nazi scientists was just to awesome. But on the other hand The Master has just been so good in every incarnation of himself, I especially like the nightmare haunting Skeletor version of him that tried to assassinate the president of the Time Lords.

  32. Without doubt the Weeping Angels. The episode “Blink” in which they go up against the Tenth Doctor caused me to actually jump at one point, something none of the Doctor’s other foils has been able to do. If one argues that this is just a particularly well shot episode, which it was, I would remind them that the Angels feed on a victims potential. They won’t enslave you, the don’t kill you, they won’t make you a mechanical zombie. Rather, they steal what you could have been; simply they take your fate from you and leave you lost in time to ponder the life you could have had. That to me is haunting.

  33. My favorite Doctor Who hero/villian are the Weeping Angels. It scary when angels you see on churches are the perfect assassins. When you blink. BAMF your some where else in the past. Thus adds a whole new creepy factor.

  34. As overall quality goes, you cannot beat what Russell T. Davies and Stephen Moffat have done with Doctor Who in the last 6 seasons. They’ve created some great villains (The Weeping Angels) and have redeemed some that had seen better days through the progression of the original series (The Daleks, the Cybermen, etc). But I’m going back to my childhood of watching Baker and Davison reruns on PBS for the greatest villain/monster in Doctor Who.

    “Mr. Sin” from the Tom Baker episode “The Talons of Weng-Chiang.”

    He’s the creepy looking guy who everybody initially thinks is a ventriloquist’s dummy, but is actually a cyborg from the 51st century with the brain of a pig. He still creeps me out to this day in the same way that the whacked-out clown doll from “Poltergeist” does.

  35. My favorite villain/monster would have to be the Cybermen. It’s not particularly because they are are scary, but because they don’t know what they’re doing is wrong. Due to the fact that they’ve removed all of the emotions from their brains, they don’t get that people cling to their faults because it makes them unique (and also don’t like having needles and saws poking at them). They believe that they’re doing the the universe a favor by forcibly cyber-converting the masses into perfect, uniform machines (which may be seen as an allegory for communism, just as the Daleks are for the Nazi Party). The Cybermen reach their pinnacle (deed wise, not story wise) by sabotaging a space freighter, therefore killing Adric in “Earthshock”. Even his badge for mathematical excellence is yielded useless in his struggle to stop the freighter from crashing. While starting with “Silver Nemesis” the Cybermen fall in to the comedic villain role, and the new series turns the Cybermen (of Pete’s World and N-Space varieties) into stompy robots, they still hold up in concept. “The Pandorica Opens”, even briefly, showed how terrifying the Cybermen could be. Even most disappointingly with “Closing Time”, bringing together both of the faults of the later Cybermen stories, there menace is never underestimated for a second. The Daleks may be vicious and indestructible, but the Cybermen are cold, calculating, and relentless. Losing your persona is a lot more scary than being persecuted by a bunch of psychotic, mass murdering pepperpots in my opinion.

  36. Borusa no doubt. He’s like Negaduck to Darkwingduck, like Zod to Superman, like Moriatry to Sherlock Holmes, like Flexo to Bender….. Oh wait.
    Guess I just love the “bad mirror villain”

  37. My favorite Doctor Who villain would probably have to be The Doctor himself.

    Though he usually is the one fighting the baddies, The Doctor has occasionally shown a darker side of himself. In the premiere of Series 3, in which the Doctor first encounters Donna Noble, the major villain of the episode of the Queen of the Racnoss, an arachnoid-race that is dying. The Queen is trying to resurrect her people, but she is stopped when The Doctor floods her lair with water. As the Queen drowns, The Doctor simply stares at her. In that moment, The Doctor is a truly sinister character.

    An argument could certainly be made for the Daleks, Cybermen, the Silence, or especially for the Weeping Angels being the most sinister of all the villains, but I believe that the true monster is hidden away deep within the Last Son of Gallifrey.

  38. gilberto nieves on

    even though he has a huge rogues gallery of great foes to pick from, i’ll have to go with davros, for the reason that he is a evil mastermind that is the creator of the doctor’s most relentless foes the daleks. even though davros is often thought dead and we see his creations the daleks more often, if he never made them to save his dying race, we would never have the doctors oldest, most relentless foes, who have appeared through out the whole of the doctor who series, the daleks. all hail davros.

  39. I know folks have already mentioned this, but have to go with the Weeping Angels. Hard to beat them in shear “Creepy” factor…

  40. While I agree that the Doctor can be his own worst enemy at times; for flat out villains, I choose Scaroth, the last of the Jagaroths. Appearing only in the serial City of Death, he has the goal of saving his people. He tropes out the ‘ends justify the means,’ he commits a variety of crimes from fraud to murder.

    In what is the earliest example that I know of an event in the Whoverse ‘needing’ to occur; Pompeii and the Doctor’s death being others, the Jagaroths must die to allow life on Earth. Elements of the story were reused by Douglas Adams; the script editor, for Dirk Gently and I can’t help but be reminded of Q and Picard observing the start of life on Earth.

  41. Pantsthemonkey on

    He’s pretty cheesy by today’s standards, but I liked Morbius from the 4th doctor story “The Brain of Morbius”. The concept of an evil time-lord’s brain being put into a Frankenstein’s monster-like body always stuck with me as a kid. And topping it off by giving him a fishbowl head really makes the episode a perfect example of a classic Doctor Who villain. A twist on a classic concept, all wrapped up in a fur suit and some cheap plastic.

  42. One of my favorite villains was actually River Song, we all knew that there was an ultimate connection between her and The Doctor but until the end of the last series we didn’t know exactly what was going on. Would have said the Daaleks, but Series 6 didn’t have the daaleks so… But then again, the Silence were pretty wicked too….

  43. Todd Perlmutter on

    Have to go with the Weeping Angels. They’re scary and interesting and freaky alien all at once. Their creation and destruction and resurrection are great.

  44. How about the Sycorax from The first full episode with the 10th Doctor. Sycorax Rock! Not to mention it is the first time you see how the new regeneration treats enemies. No second chances.

  45. The Minotaur from “The God Complex.” The creature itself is well-designed, with a tangle of savage horns crowning a brutish face. But more frightening still is the power the Minotaur possesses. It traps its prey in a labyrinthine hotel, with rooms full of their worst fears. The hotel itself is a nice and creepy Twilight Zone-esque setting. What it enables the Minotaur to do is to feed on the faith of its victims. When the people the Minotaur has caught turn to their convictions for comfort, the Minotaur co-opts their devotion, turning them into suicidally zealous acolytes of the Minotaur himself, repeating the disturbing mantra, “Praise Him.”
    So why is the Minotaur more frightening than other creepy monsters, like the Weeping Angels and the Silence? Those beings are essentially “puzzle” monsters: they pose not so much a physical challenge as a mental one. They force you not to relax your guard, and not to rely on your memory. The Minotaur strikes deeper, as to escape it you have to give up faith in what you hold most dear. Whether you win or lose to the Minotaur, you cannot keep your identity.

  46. Bill the Seeker on

    There is one race that has caused the doctor more pain and heartache than any other ever shown on the show. Ever. Humans. As much as the Doctor loves and watches out for us we are often as much the problem as we are the victims. the situation in Matt Smith’s first season with the Silurians comes to mind. It was a human whi’s fear and anger almost precipitated the war the Doctor was struggling to prevent.

  47. A lot of good choices above,but like many others,I must go with the Master.Even when we think he’s fianllly gone he gets brought back in new and exciting ways.

  48. I’m surprised there aren’t more nominations for the Cybermen in this. Earlier posters illustrated both their never-matched killing of a Companion and their sheer menace, but I think the part of the Cybermen that makes them my favorite Doctor villian is that they’re humans with everything that the Doctor loves about us taken away.

    Cybermen are humans striving for perfection taken to an extreme. They attempt to reach human perfection and are only able to do it by becoming inhuman. In the view of the Cybermen, their actions are both completely justified and in the best interest of the people they are converting. Cybermen aren’t driven to destroy everything that isn’t as perfect as them like the Daleks. They aren’t alien monsters that kill just to kill like so many of the things that the Doctor runs into. Cybermen were humans with a skewed view of perfection and want to bring the rest of humanity into that perfection.

  49. The Doctor. It’s frequently hinted that without his companions, he’d snap and go into “god mode”. We saw a glimpse of that in “Waters of Mars”. And then we got to see him as a full on villain in “Amy’s Choice”. I’m hoping that at some point in the future we see him go full blown crazy in the “real” universe and require his companions to team up and ground him.

  50. We’ll there are so many good villans that it is hard to pick just one, but scine I have to I would go with The Master. There is just somthing about a villian who is as good or better than the hero on just about every level.

  51. I’m very new to Dr. Who, but a bit obsessed at the moment.

    My favorite villain is the “Dream Lord.” I liked how he was so very mean and catty with the Doctor, which was great because he was the dark side of the Doctor’s psyche. Wow! I had to watch that episode again, and it was even better the second time knowing that hook.

    But I haven’t seen season 6 yet, so there may be even better villains to come.

  52. I was going to say Michael Grade and Mary Whitehouse, but then I realized you asked for favorite rather than worst monster…

    I’m actually torn. I think a lot of the new monsters are designed to be deeply iconic and scary at a primitive, reactive level in the brain, requiring less conscious thought about what makes them scary (statues, shadows, dolls, water, things you can’t remember, gas masks and being touched), which is a Good Thing™. But the villains and monsters that make you think deeper about are the ones I usually linger on. For that reason, Omega is my favorite. I don’t say I cheer when he’s on, it’s just that of the Time Lord villains he’s got motivations that are a little more believable than mere moustache-twirling (The Master) or medical curiosity without a scruple of empathy (The Rani) or tyrannical megalomania (Rassilon). Omega was a genius scientist and engineer, probably betrayed by Rassilon, and left for countless eons in the ultimate solitary confinement until all that was left of him was thindomitablele force of will which refused to die. To say he’d been driven insane just doesn’t describe it. It’s easy enough to make a villain a bit sympathetic, and most DW villains and monsters have a tragic origin of some sort they overcame in the wrong way or retain some small sympathetic element deep within them, such as realizing the Cybermen are still humans trapped in dominating machinery, or Sontarans being monomaniacal short-lived warrior clones, almost exactly like living toy soldiers (and not at all unlike the colonists of Messaline, including Jenny), the Silurians and Sea Devils being no less entitled to defend the world they love than humans, just a bit out of touch, stubborn and misunderstood, even Davros being a victim-turned-victimizer. It’s always about how one deals with adversity and how far one goes off-kilter doing so. But Omega literally lost everything and not, apparently, through any real fault of his own, and while he relied upon his rage and hate to survive, we saw in Arc Of Infinity that as far gone as he was, he still had the potential to rehabilitate himself when, in the form of The Doctor, he spent a day just existing as a living being again and reconnected with his …I won’t call it Humanity, since he was never human, but he reconnected to the living positive-matter universe.

    Also the redesign with the Kamen Rider/Anime bug-style look was awesome to me as a kid.

    • Damn, I needed to proof that better… That should have been “make you think about them more deeply”, and “the indomitable force of will”.

      Mea culpa, mea culpa.

  53. Mine is definitely the Silence – the scene in the orphanage where Amy is fine one minute and the next is looking in the window covered in the black marks – then the camera pans up to show the roof covered in them sold that for me.

    As a premise they are just cool – and very unique.

  54. This one was hard for me. Now I’m new to the series, and I only got into this series because of your awesome series of podcasts, and web site. But I think my favorite who villain is the Master. He is a villain that the Doctor REALLY does not want to have to fight. At every turn the Doctor try’s to make peace with, and offer forgiveness to him, but the Master just wants nothing to do with it. He even “dies” to continue to hurt the doctor. When you see how excited the Doctor when he realizes that he isn’t the last of the time lords, and then the turn when he realizes who the other time lord is, and the horror in his face, man that just rips my heart out every time.

  55. It's Better Then a Roomba on

    I would have to say my favorite villain so far, at least in the recent history, would have to be House. I mean, honestly, how often do you get to see a giant asteroid, hell bent on killing and consuming everything and anything that somehow managed to slip outside the Universe, Time-Lords included. House, upon finding out that The Doctor is the last Time-Lord, he slips into the TARDIS, taking control of it, taking Rory and Amy with it. What makes it so good, is that it takes many elements of what makes a good villain, it’s a technology controlling planet, it’s killed Time-Lords in the past, and it isn’t above messing with people’s head in order to prove it’s dominance. What really made the episode, is it forced part of The Doctor’s evil side to come forth, as he proclaims, “I’ve killed them all” It’s one of the best, showing sides of each character we hadn’t really seen before, as they’re forced to face fears and dark sides. Plus, sure doesn’t hurt that you’ve got Niel Gaiman doing the writing, how can you go wrong?

  56. River Song. Because of one thing, and one thing only: Let’s Killl Hitler.

    When we see River at the beginning of the episode as Melody Pond, she has a childlike fascination with the Doctor, but soon we realize she just wants to kill him. She outsmarts the doctor, and almost kills him. Unlike all of the other villains, she kills the doctor, and then saves him. She SAVED THE DOCTOR. The Doctor’s show of compassion towards her changed her mind about him, but the Doctor left that encounter knowing that for the first time in history, someone beat him.

    • gilberto nieves on

      not entirely true, in the forth season, episode midnight, the doctor was completely at the mercy of that disembodied monster. if not for the heroic sacrifice of the human hostess, the doctor would have died as he was completely paralyzed and about to be thrown out the cabin into the white hot vaporizing sunlight.

  57. I think I have to go with the absorbaloft – it’s so silly and upsetting at the same time. I love it when Doctor Who does things like that, they do it so well!

  58. The best doctor who villain, i think is the unstoppable force, the ultimate enemy, the problem that never goes away… The almighty Darlecks!!!! they are so cold, so lifeless, so unhuman that you cant hep but love it every time the docotr heres those loesome words, “Exterminate!!!!”, they constantly provide a challenge to the docotr and all his companions have at least once had to face th evil Darlecks and time and again they have given each doctor the chance to find their own way to deafeat them and make an awesome show while doing it! thats why the Darlecks are my favorite octor who villain

  59. My favorite Doctor Who villains is the Family of Blood. Their unique ability to take on the forms of others and zombify scarecrows is frightening. Any time a villain is able to snatch a body(s) and raise an inanimate object army, you know it’s going to be bad.

    And not only are the episodes that they appear in some of the most suspenseful of the new series, the climax to the titular “Family of Blood” episode is one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in all of the Whoniverse. The scene in which John Smith makes the decision to effectively die and become The Doctor – in an act of selflessness – is so moving. It truly illustrates the true evil and horror of the Family (their ability to selfishly consume) and the love The Doctor has in his heart.

    In addition, the ending of “The Family of Blood” is also frightening for a different reason: it shows the true power of The Doctor’s anger. It is explicitly stated that, although The Doctor eternally punishes The Family in various ways, he is showing them mercy. I shudder to think of what The Doctor actually wanted to do to them…

  60. My favorite Doctor Who villain is Mercy Hartigan. She is amazing because she refuses to do what The Doctor says and I was sad when she turns insane and dies.

  61. Are you my mummy? Those 2 episodes freaked me out. Kind of like a fear of zombies. But would you really call something that was trying to help you a villain?

  62. You might think I’m crazy, but I think the best villain in Dr. Who is in fact The Doctor. Follow me on my logic here, in the season five episode Amy’s choice, the Doctor says to the dream lord( his inner darkness) ” No one else in the universe hates me as much as you do.” During the end of the Donna Noble era his most natural self, his clone without any bias or attachment, attempts to destroy an entire race in cold blood. The real Doctor then has to trap him in an alternate dimension because he is too dangerous.

  63. My favorite villains are probably the Daleks. Sure they’ve been overused a lot and have been put in some terrible stories (*cough* Daleks in Manhattan *cough*) but there’s a certain glee I get everytime they appear. Plus, they’ve remained fearsome villains despite retaining their original look from the 60s which is pretty impressive. And finally, they are able to destroy the Cybermen with one Dalek!

  64. My favorite villian is the only one who is able to completely control the last of the Time Lords: Basic Cable. Without signing your soul away to this evil mastermind, you’ll never be able to see the Doctor. Now, the Doctor has found a workaround by sending logs of his adventures into the future on DVD, but if you want to be on the cutting edge and avoid any spoilers, you’ll have to succumb to the will of Baic Cable.

  65. Like many, my fav villain would have to be the Daleks hands down. They just make for such a great (and classic) villainous adversary for the Doctor. Also, I always thought that their simplistic design was very intriguing. They might look somewhat benign, but in reality they are emotionless evil constructs full of hate and anger. EXTERMINATE!

  66. While I could go with the obvious choices like the weeping angels, Daleks, or the Master, my favorite doctor who villain that most don’t consider is probably the Sontarans. I only have experience with there reboot appearances, and while they are not the most overtly villainous of the doctor’s opponents, I find there brute force tactics and single mindedness an interesting contrast to the doctor. the Daleks fit this description too, but while Daleks are usually more disturbing and menacing, the Sontarans are more sympathetic and rival the Daleks when it comes to there occasional comedic relief moments (comparing tea-serving Dalek to nurse Sontaran).

  67. I think that the Slitheen are the best doctor who villain. They capture the doctor who feeling of a unique being different from other things but they also capture the classic view of green, slimy, bug or snake like aliens. They also have been in many episodes that I really enjoyed.

  68. Unquestionably, it has to be The Master. The Weeping Angels and the Daleks are close contenders, but it seems appropriate that a classic hero should have someone that is his opposite number. The Master fits the role to a tee.

  69. The Cyberman Handsdown.

    I love them because of the concept of what they are. I strongly believe that The idea of them influenced the concept of the Borg for Star Trek. They’ve had a evolution in both their character & design. They were a race of people from the planet Mondas, Who had to upgrade their bodies to survive the environment of their planet. I really think it adds a bit of tragedy to them. They did what they to survive & it ends up destroying their souls in the process. Those people died, With their bodies going moving like zombies doing the same to even more innocents. The twisted part of all the pain they cause is that they really do believe they’re doing you a favor & making you better.

    I also love the improvements in their look. It’s unlike the daleks Where their looks is only touched here & there. With the cyberman some designs are completely night & day. I personally love the designs that show theirs a human being in a suit and not just a robot.

  70. The Master at the end of his regeneration cycle (Deadly assassin style)
    As a kid, that was the one villain that stood out above all the rest.
    For the late 70’s, that was the best baddie around. Plotting in the dark, getting others to do his dirty work, fighting the Doctor behind the scenes. That voice! That mask! That was the coolest thing on tv.
    That episode had me hooked on Doctor Who for life!

  71. The Empty Child. The first time I jumped from anticipation and spine-chilling fear was when the Doctor said “THIS is its room”, and yet it turned out to be not a villain at all. Absolutely fantastic!

  72. My vote for best DW villian(s) goes to Magnus Greel, Li H’sen Chang, and Mr. Sin for Doctor Who and the Talons of Weng-Chiang. The reason I chose them and not the weeping angels, cybermen, or daleks is that this particular serial is what introduced me to DW. Tom Baker was my mother’s Doctor whose exploits she watched on PBS in the 70s. One day when I was in 8th or 9th grade I was home sick from school (actually sick, not faking) and she brought me this show on VHS from our local rental place. It was strangely compelling to me at the time, and by the end of the tape, I loved it. I am living with my own family in Korea now (if I win, I am willing to pay shipping), but the next time I get to spend time with my mom I hope to introduce her to Matt Smith.

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