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  1. … Didn’t see this coming. :( I’m unfortunately gonna use this #1 as a jumping-off point, as I really liked the MSCrew, and nothing “funny superheros” can outdo R.K. Milholland’s “Super Stupor” (in my opinion only, obviously. :) ) I <3 Rumble Bee!!! Good luck with this new comic! :D

  2. Thanks for all the comments, and I’m glad to see such response for this first episode. I’m glad you all liked MSA, and the adventures of the Major Spoilers crew. Part of me will miss them too, but I felt the time was right for something different. SPOILED! will be more than just my humorous take on superheroes, but my take on the broader pop-culture landscape we all love. Will we see more of the merry band above? You bet, but this strip will feature characters from every corner of our pop-culture universe. Thanks for reading, stay tuned, and I hope I can make you laugh at SPOILED! as much as, or more than you did at Major Spoilers Adventures.

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