STATUES: Kotobukiya announces Archangel statue


Kotobukiya has announced the latest statue in its Marvel Fine Art Statue line is Warren Worthington III – Archangel!

Archangel swoops into battle, touching down on the shattered landscape and ready to spring into flight at a moment’s notice; the aerial mutant rests on his toes with muscles tensed for action as you can see through his skin-tight uniform.  Warren is captured in an iconic comic book pose half-turned with arms extended forward and at his side, with his amazingly detailed metal wings (all four of them!) spread out behind him.  Utilizing the stealth of X-Force, Archangel’s uniform is black with silver effects that match the color of his techno-organic wings.  The stark color scheme is broken up only by Warren’s face (tinged blue by Apocalypse’s meddling), red eyes, and blonde eyebrows.

This statue is huge, standing 18-inche high at the tip of the wings, making it a 1/6th scale replica of the comic book character. Archangel is sculpted by Erick Sosa, and will set you back $229.99. The statue arrives in May 2012.

via Kotobukiya