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The wait is finally over, as Dark Horse and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products announce the arrival of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse and Angel in the Dark Horse digital store! As rave reviews and support for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9 and the all-new series Angel and Faith continue, casual and hardcore fans will now be able to experience previous Buffy, Angel, and Dollhouse comics on all-new platforms! Buffy, Angel and Dollhouse are licensed through an agreement with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products.

Now, fans are encouraged to head over to to download issues of all three of these titles today, with multiple issues available for purchase! Fans can now download the first twenty issues of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 #1-20, as well as Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 9 #1,2 &3.

“This marks another important turning point in Dark Horse’s digital initiative,” said Dark Horse president and founder, Mike Richardson. “Joss Whedon’s incredible characters have become some of our most popular, and now fans from all over the world can see them like they never have been seen before!”

“Our history with Dark Horse has been incredibly successful, giving fans of these characters all new ways to enjoy their stories,” said Jeffrey Godsick, president of Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products. “This transition opens a whole new chapter in our relationship and will give readers an exciting opportunity to experience the comics on some of the hottest digital platforms.”

Going forward, Dark Horse will release a mix of new and backlist titles weekly. Stay in the know on all of your favorite titles, and sign up for the Dark Horse Digital newsletter at today!


  • Buffy Season 8 #1-20
  • Buffy Season 9 #1 & 2


  • Buffy Season 8 #21-25
  • Buffy Season 9 #3
  • Angel #1-9
  • Angel & Faith #1 – 3


  • Dollhouse one shot and #1-5
  • Buffy Season 8 #26 – 30


  • Buffy Season 8 #31- 35


  • Buffy Season 8 #36-40

About Dark Horse Digital

Founded in 1986 by Mike Richardson, Dark Horse Comics has grown to become the third-largest comics publisher in the United States and is acclaimed internationally for the quality and diversity of its line. Now, in 2011, the company that revolutionized the comic industry proudly presents its groundbreaking digital-publishing program, Dark Horse Digital.

Having launched with hundreds of titles, Dark Horse Digital offers its most popular titles at an unprecedented value, while providing the highest-quality reading experience possible. Single-issue comics are priced as low as just $0.99, and there is also an extensive list of free introductory #1 issues. Additionally, DH Digital’s “bundles” group together story arcs spanning multiple issues into affordable packages, allowing readers to get the three or four issues that comprise a complete narrative, starting at just $3.99 and up. And through cloud-based technology, Digital Store purchases can be read and enjoyed on your laptop, desktop, mobile browser, and Dark Horse Bookshelf app, available now on iTunes.

To get started, simply log on to or download the app to create an account, and begin building your collection today.

About Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products

A recognized industry leader, Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products licenses and markets properties worldwide on behalf of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Twentieth Television and Fox Broadcasting Company, as well as third-party lines. The division is aligned with Twentieth Century Fox Television, one of the top suppliers of primetime entertainment programming to the broadcast networks.

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  1. Finally — something that we “Buffy” and “Angel” fanatics have always wanted! I can’t wait to download and read these issues. I’ve always wanted to see how the story continued, but I didn’t want to do so until the digital versions were released.

    Thank you to Dark Horse!

  2. I don’t see Angel & Faith at Digital Dark Horse…Am I misunderstanding this article? Doesn’t it say you can get Angel & Faith, Buffy Season 8 and Buffy Season 9?

    P.S. I just moved to a city where the nearest Comic Book Store is a good half hour walk away (I don’t have a vehicle) So I’m VERY happy Joss comics are available for Digital Download now! I don’t know why it wasn’t done sooner!

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