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  1. The water quality in my county is horrible, and I cannot stand drinking water that smells of chlorine, so usually it’s bottled, unless I’m at the office, then it’s filtered.

  2. Next poll, dust or lint, you decide!

    I vote from the tap, in Canada we have a good chunk of the drinking water in the world, I trust the quality.

    That been said I usually drink sodas, but I keep water by my night stand to drink at night and when sick I’m a regular fish.

  3. I think this is a good. Question. More needs to be done to encourage. People to drink water rather than sodas ice teas (basically sugar water). I strongly believe wayer is the most healthiest drink in the world. I choose tap because it is the cheapest. Option

  4. There really should have been an I don’t drink water option. I for one would have picked that one. All water bottled or tap has a very metallic taste to me and I can’t stand it.

  5. *tap tap tap* Is this thing on?

    Ok…so obviously the well is running dry (pardon the pun), andI wasn’t going to propose this PoW unless things got desperate:

    Arnim Zola

  6. I put my mouth right on the tap and suck it right out!! Bottled water is ridiculous. Besides, there is no new water on the planet, this is the same water that’s been here for thousands of years, it’s been everywhere!! Is that pure??

  7. Bottled or filtered, because the water in my area of town isn’t very pleasant. Granted, it’s not as bad as it could be, but there is a strange unpleasant taste to it without filtering it.

  8. In reality, I’m always drinking tap water. it’s been shown that most bottled water is just filtrated tap water. I, myself, drink tap water put through a Brita filter and chilled.

  9. 74% straight from the tap? Use a glass, people! Sheesh. Barbarians.

    As for me, I pour water from the tap into a bottle, refrigerate, then drink.

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