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In 2010 friends on a message board got together to create their own anthology. The book was called The Gathering and it was published under the new GrayHaven Comics banner.  The theme of the issue was, appropriately enough:  Hope.

Two years later over 50 different up and coming creators (along with pros like Gail Simone, Sterling Gates and John Jackson Miller) have helped create storiesfor seven different issues of The Gathering.

Earlier this year it was announced that 2012 will feature a monthly shipping schedule from GrayHaven Comics. Ten issues of The Gathering and two one shots (My Geek Family by Doug Hahner and Donal DeLay and Sparks by Glenn Matchett and Cassandra James) will see print as well as the concluding chapters of Ever After (Matt O’Keefe and Lee Giles) the first GHC mini-series.

Turns out more expansion was on the way.

GrayHaven creator/publisher Andrew Goletz has cited increased attention to the book in the past few months coupled with a very successful showing at the recent NYCC as a main reason for a more aggressive publishing schedule and the launch of a new ongoing.

Different themes of The Gathering have run from Romance and Science Fiction to Fairy Tales, Western and more. “Two of the best-selling issues of the book were Volumes 4 and 6, our Horror themed issues”, Goletz  said “and rather than just do a Horror themed issue every other month the obvious choice was to create a new ongoing”.

As for differences between the two titles, Goletz said “At the forefront of The Gathering is a desire to bring new writers and artists who’ve not had a chance to be published and give them that opportunity in a series with a wide variety of themes that keeps things fresh for both readers and creators. We’ll have open submissions for the Horror series as well, but for the most part we’ll be using folks who’ve worked with us before that we know can hit the deadlines and work within the demands the new book will present. From longer page counts for stories to possible ongoing arcs this one will be a different monster in how it’s prepared and how we go about choosing which submissions to accept.

Tales From the Abyss will launch at the end of 2012 and the quarterly ongoing will continue through 2013.


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