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The Voltron you remember from the 1980s TV series is back! THQ’s Voltron: Defender of the Universe invites you to live out your childhood fantasies, or introduce a new generation of fans to the epic space saga November 29th on PlayStation®Network and November 30th on Xbox LIVE® Arcade!

Revisit the most defining moments from the classic series, including the discovery of the Lions and the very first time the Space Explorers form Voltron. Battle King Zarkon’s evil forces and journey across the universe, exploring a variety of environments – including planet Arus. It is up to you to restore justice and galactic peace. Play as the Space Explorers, Lions and Voltron himself!

Specialized Lions

Take advantage of each Lion’s unique weaponry and strengths based on your own personal play style and preferences. Select based on tanking capabilities, swiftness, ranged elemental attacks, and a wide range of other characteristics.

Annihilate Familiar Foes

Rip up the planet surface or fly in any of the five Lions as you battle fierce Robeasts and other enemy combatants including several memorable classic villains.

Strategize Carefully

Familiarize yourself with the Lions’ individual strengths and resistances to maximize effectiveness. Pick your Lion wisely based on a number of circumstances – the success of the team depends on it!

Classic Cutscenes

Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of Voltron with a number of classic scenes from the 80s TV series, incorporated throughout the gameplay.


In 1-2 player offline co-op or seamless 1-5 player online co-op, adventurers must control the individual Lions’ weaponry and work together to wield Voltron’s Blazing Sword.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe will be available on Xbox LIVE Arcade (800 Microsoft Points) and PlayStation Network ($9.99). For more information, visit


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