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This January, Image Comics will present a handsome collection of some of the best covers, pin-ups, and sequential artwork from promising young Spanish artist Guillem March. March is the creator and much sought-after illustrator behind the pages of Gotham City Sirens and the artist for the new ongoing Catwoman, but he has only just begun!

COVER GIRLS HC will include more than one hundred full-color images never before seen in the United States, plus much unpublished art as well!

“I am a very busy artist,” explained March. “The American fans only get to see a fraction of the work I do, so now I’m glad to share some of my favorites with them.”

March has built a varied and extensive portfolio of work in Europe, with stunning illustrations published by Diario de Mallorca, Playboy Spain, Eros Magazine, and more. Now Image Comics is ensuring that American fans can experience March’s work beyond his current ongoing series with COVER GIRLS HC!

COVER GIRLS HC (NOV110373, ISBN: 978-1-60706-491-6), an 80-page full-color art book for $16.99, will be on sale in stores and on digital platforms on January 4, and is available for order now in the November issue of Previews.

Guillem March, the artist from Palma de Mallorca, started his career doing contributions for several Spanish manga magazines and eventually won the award for Best Spanish Manga in 1998 at the Ficomic Barcelona Manga Con. He then began a monthly humor page for the best selling Spanish Dolmen Magazine that satirized American superhero comics, which led to him doing cover art for the magazine in a more mainstream American style.

In 2001, Guillem started a 8-year collaboration with Diario de Mallorca, the most important regional daily newspaper of the Balearic Islands. It consisted of a weekly page from serialized stories. Eventually these pages were compiled in the slice of life comic book albums titled Sofia, Ana, Victoria, and Laura, as well as a thriller  called Gray Days. All these have been also published for the Spanish and French market in multiple editions, but have never before been available in the United States. His comics featuring female lead characters caught the attention of Playboy Spain and Eros Comix magazines, who published several of his one-page comics and some cover art. In 2007, he co-created with two colleagues the prozine Tangaroa, a bi-monthly comics magazine that only lasted 2 issues, while he was working for the Belgian publisher Dupuis in collective book called Vampyres.

In 2008, he entered the American mainstream market with DC comics, signing on as an exclusive artist a year later. At DC, he’s worked on Batman, Detective Comics, Azrael, Birds of Prey, and cover art for many other titles, though he’s best know for his stint in Gotham City Sirens with writer Paul Dini and the brand new ongoing Catwoman series with writer Judd Winick. For more information about the illustrator and his work, visit

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