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  1. I chose “I will as soon as it is released on the PC” because it was the closest to what I would like to have picked: “I will as soon as Christmas is here.”

    • hectorbustnuts on

      Amen to that!

      I bought “Arkham City” day-one because I knew once “Skyrim” dropped, that’s all I’d be playing for the next few months!

    • found a used one at a Vancouver, WA Buy Backs for only $41 the week of release. Why anyone would buy this excellent game only to sell it less than a few days later is beyond me, but it’s my windfall. After playing it, I would have gladly paid the $50

  2. I choose no. It’s just not my style of of game. I’m more a blocks falling from the top of the screen kind of person.

    • Same here, minus the tetris-part. That game gets too fast for me around level 10 or 11… or before. It’s been awhile since I’ve played, and my aging reflexes probably won’t help much.

  3. I only play DDO (Dungeon and Dragons Online), the story looks nice thou, but I can just check the cuts scenes online anyway.

  4. I have a Steam code copy through the NVidia Graphics Card promotion, and am eagerly awaiting its unlocking come the 22nd/23rd…

  5. I usually don’t purchase games as soon as they come out just because not many games are worth the initial $60 price tag. But this one was the happy exception. The almost universal overwhelmingly positive response to Arkham City swayed me, especially since I thought Arkham asylum was probably the best Batman (and overall, superhero genre) video game I’ve played. A very engrossing story that pulls you in and makes you want to see how it ends. Closest thing to being the Batman without the billions and tragic obsessions.

  6. hectorbustnuts on

    Bought it, played it, loved it.

    I honestly didn’t think that Rocksteady could inject more Bat-love into a game than they did with “Arkham Asylum”, but I was more than happy to be proven wrong.

    “Arkham City” is the perfect Batman game, taking the established formula and polishing it ’til it shines.

    Can’t wait to replay it (and finish finding all those damn Riddler trophies!)

  7. Brandon Blizzard on

    A game that is perfect for Batman fans as it includes tons of characters, locations, and little things that are great for long time fans of the Dark Knight. The game is also, and more importantly, fun to play with a very interesting story. Worth a look at the very least.

  8. Haven’t played it, but not for lack of wanting to. I don’t own any system that it is released for currently and I can’t afford to rent one. Might give it a try when it comes out on PC, but I’m not certain yet.

  9. antonio sanciolo on

    I chose the “as soon as on PC option”
    I preordered it from my games outlet a month before it was INITIALLY scheduled to be released
    but I’m SERIOUSLY considering getting my preorder refunded and buying the new Assassin’s Creed instead as it feels a bit crap to have the date of release of goods you’ve paid money for moved back more than a month without so nary as a “how do you do?”

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