DC tops October market share


When DC Comics came out on top of the Market and Dollar Share in September 2011, many shrugged their shoulders and said, “Let’s see what happens in October.” Diamond Comic Distributors has released the initial list of comics sold, and once again DC Comics has taken the Dollar and Unit Share for October 2011.

This is a win that has to make many at DC Comics jumping around with joy, simply because of the large margin separating it from marvel. In September, the margin between DC and Marvel was very small, but the company jumped passed Marvel in Dollar Share by taking 42% of the market compared to Marvel’s 29.10% share. On the Unit Share side, DC controlled over 50% of the market to Marvel’s 30%.

It’s a weird situation to see after all these years of Marvel dominance, but there is good news for everyone publishing comics.

October was a strong month for comics sales, as sales increased by 6.78% over September and 24.37% over the previous October. Overall, print sales increased over September by 2.67% and 11.93% over the previous October.

We’ll have the complete list of the Top 300 comics sold in the direct market next week when Diamond releases the information.

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