DC Comics has announced the Nicola Scott is joining the Superman team with issue #3, and will provide art for issues #5 and #6 as well.

Scott is under exclusive contract with DC Entertainment, and those familiar with her career will know her previous work with DC Comics’ BIRDS OF PREY and SECRET SIX. Most recently, she was announced as the penciller who (with writer James Robinson) would be bringing JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA to DC COMICS-THE NEW 52, and nothing’s changed there; she is still going to be illustrating those Earth 2 adventures when the JSA is ready to make their debut.

Jesus Merino will continue with issue #7 when Dan Jurgens and Keith Giffen take over the writing duties.

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  1. I’m not sure why but I’m really liking the new Superman uniform. The running around with his butt on his shoulders I can do without but the uniform is nice.

  2. One of the most disappointing titles of the relaunch. Not surprised George Perez is getting booted off this book. It’s a chore to read.

  3. I didn’t even realize George Perez was still working in the industry. The last thing I read of his that impressed me was the New Teen Titans when Robin became Nightwing.

  4. Is this book cursed or just spitting out artists like a lama spits saliva? This book cant keep an artist or is DC cracking the whip too hard across the backs of the artists chained to their desks?

  5. And the relaunched chips continue to settle. ^_^ (no, that’s not sarcasm or snark. it’s meant to be a real, honest observation: A shake-up as large as this one is will have many many pieces trying to find a new niche.)

  6. If there were a “master plan” it would be obvious by now.
    Not seeing one.
    Saw it coming and they will act for months like this is all the BIG plan!
    Still watching…
    Still waiting for the good stuff!
    This bad dream has to end some day… yet, sometimes nightmares run back-to-back!
    It’s not all that horrible… it’s just nothing NEW… FRESH… STIMULATING!
    As promised!!!

  7. I thought the idea was that artists/writers would potentially switch off after story arcs relatively regularly. Didn’t I hear that somewhere?

    And, while it may have been a disappointing title (listened to the reviews and didn’t pick it up), I’ve loved Perez since his New Titans days. For now, I’m maxed out on books–reading more floppies than I have since high school.

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