SNEAK PEEK: The Occultist #1



Dark Horse Comics has released a sneak peek of The Occultist #1 that arrives in stores on November 09, 2011.  Take the jump for a look at the latest offering from Tim Seeley.

Writer: Tim Seeley
Penciller: Victor Drujiniu
Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse
Cover Artist: Jenny Frison
While harnessing his new powers as the Occultist, college student Rob Bailey must defend himself and those around him from a series of hired Hit mages with unique magical abilities and a serpentine demon known as the Swordbreaker, all determined to kill him and to possess the powerful spell book known as the Sword!

* From the mind of Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson (The Secret, Cut, The Mask)!

* Written by Hack/Slash’s Tim Seeley!

* Cover by Steve Morris (Serenity, Dollhouse).

via Dark Horse Comics