In this issue: Rodrigo and Matthew try to convince Stephen to watch Community, the best and worst of action figures is discussed, and would you rather have a series cancelled without a resolution, or would you rather have it wrapped up with a bow?


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    • Stephen doesn’t know G.I. Joe, and thus missed his leading question… It should also be noted that I didn’t care for the ongoing cartoon (although the original couple of serials were cool, things fell apart after Tomax & Xamot in that continuity, and they paired Scarlett with Duke, undermining the comics best romance) so I didn’t immediately gain a love of rhymin’ Roadblock as many did.

      My Top Five G.I. Joe figures :

      #1 – Flash: Also my all-time favorite G.I. Joe character, I have no idea why. I suspect I just liked the thought of this sci-fi laser rifle guy in the midst of a (slightly) more realistic ops team. He had a cool moment in issue #1, teamed up with Breaker, who likewise got no love.

      #2 – Wild Bill: When I was buying the original toys, I couldn’t always afford the big items (as my toy budget was out of pocket by this point, I was 11 and had a job in ’82.) The Dragonfly helicopter was the first larger G.I. Joe item I could spring for, and it came with the super-cool Wild Bill figure in his cowboy hat and vest. What really sold it was his hip-mounted six-guns, worn reversed for a cross-handed draw. Epic…

      #3 – Tripwire: Because his name is Tormod Skoog. How awful is that? Also, he has the sense to wear full-body armor to handle mines, undermining (you should excuse the expression) the Joes tendency for flair over uniform functionality.

      #4 – Snake-Eyes: Version 1, mind you. When they repackaged him as super-ninja with pet wolf, I lost interest, but the original visor-and-uzi version, which was inevitably the first figure kids bought back in the day, when you had a choice of just 9 characters. For some reason, my cousin Elwood and I used to call him “Ape-Face,” which is irrelevant and funny at the same time.

      #5 – The Baroness: Bear in mind, this is my favorite FIGURES from the line. When Baroness came out in ’84 or so, the G.I. Joe collecting gig was getting pretty unwieldy (and expensive) but I really wanted this one, as she was a character migrated over to the toy line after becoming a cult favorite in the comic book. The Baroness was the first female fig that (to my eye, anyway) was noticeably and successfully female. Scarlett (whom I hold a soft spot in my heart for) was a pretty hideous figure in her first couple of incarnations, and even poor Covergirl had a mutated Michael Berryman head. The Baroness had some serious man-hands, and thighs like a sumo wrestler, but her MILFy brand of evil was perfectly encapsulated in plastic with that first figure…

      • My first figure was Snake eyes.
        I played, and played with that thing without having any other figure he could interact with. It was soo awesome – and kind of sad I can see now.

        One of my friends got the helicopter with Wild Bill, he was super cool.

        I also loved Bazooka – A big ass Bazooka, a mustage like a middeleasten dictator and a football jersey. What else do you need?

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