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Devil’s Due Digital, Inc. announced the launch of over 130 digital, full-color graphic novels ahead of the worldwide release of the Amazon Kindle Fire–presently, the most of any comic book company on the Kindle multi-device platforms. These titles are available in the Kindle Marketplace on all Kindle devices, the iPad and Android apps, the Kindle Cloud Reader in your web browser, and many other mobile devices.

Featured launch titles include: DRACULA VS. KING ARTHUR (978-1-933160-88-7), the zombie WWII tale FUBAR (978-1-61799-049-6), VOLTRON: REVELATIONS (978-1-61799-107-3), BARACK THE BARBARIAN (978-1-61799-106-6), and the sci-fi epic DRAFTED (978-1-933160-38-2).

Devil’s Due Digital is also proud to present the Eisner-nominated ARSENIC LULLABY: PULP EDITION (978-1-61799-127-1) to readers digitally for the first time. Phil Littler’s ASSASSIN SCHOOL (978-1-61799-134-9) and Jason Moser’s ELLIUM (978-1-61799-082-3), alongside many more digital graphic novels, round out the initial offerings.
The company also announced they will begin launching the entire creator-owned libraries of renowned writer of Marvel’s STRIKE FORCE: MORITURI, James Hudnall (HARSH REALM, SHUT UP AND DIE), indie artist Matt Howarth (THOSE ANNOYING POST BROS., KEIF LLAMA), and critically-acclaimed artist Mike Hoffman (WESTERN GOTHIC, OCTAVIA) in the Amazon Kindle Fire, Cloud reader, and iPad/Android App storefronts this October with more announced signings soon.
The price point of these digital downloads will be aggressively priced for the burgeoning digital market.
In addition to the Kindle platforms, Devil’s Due Digital is the first major company in the iBooks store with over 80 titles available and 40 more pending Apple Storefront approval in the digital graphic novel format. The publisher notes Devil’s Due Digital iBooks sale dates predate IDW Publishing and other competitor’s erroneous public claims of being first in the iBooks store by almost a year.
Further, Devil’s Due Digital titles are now available on the Barnes & Noble NOOK Color and on the Nook iPad and Android apps.

With the addition of the Amazon Kindle Fire storefront, Devil’s Due Digital is sold on more digital storefronts than any other comic book company. All Devil’s Due Digital titles are also available on our comic specialty partners Comixology, I-Verse, and Graphicly in panel-to-panel format. All aforementioned Kindle titles will also have availability on these storefronts as well.

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About Devil’s Due Digital
Devil’s Due Digital’s comics are available on over 550 million electronic devices worldwide. They have 1,000+ digital comics in circulation on more storefronts than any other comic book company. Devil’s Due Digital provides the finest digital comic book experience with their award winning, acclaimed graphic novels.
Devil’s Due Digital, Inc. was founded in 2009.

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