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Devil’s Due Digital, Inc. announced today the launch of over 50 series-based apps in the Apple iOS storefront. This number of apps gives Devil’s Due Digital the largest selection of standalone comic apps in the App Store–representing roughly 1,000 downloadable comics in total.

Titles in the release include: Star Trek, Arsenic Lullaby, Dracula vs. King Arthur, Penguin Bros., Drafted, Wild Stars, and more.

Devil’s Due Digital is also embarking on a series of creator-based apps, the first spotlighting artist Mike Hoffman (Western Gothic, Octavia). These apps will allow fans to access specific creators’ entire libraries via the iOS in-app purchasing system. More creators will be announced in the coming months.

This release also highlights the print catalog of respected publisher Bluewater Productions Inc. The Bluewater series include William Shatner’s Tek War Chronicles, Power of the Valkyrie, Legend of Isis, Vincent Price Presents, Justin Bieber, and more.

And, just in time for Halloween, Devil’s Due Digital has released a Horror Comics app, available now across the iOS platforms.

Each in-app issue download in every app is priced only at $0.99 and each app features a link to a free sample through the Devil’s Due Digital website, where visitors can also see the company’s catalogue on Amazon Kindle, Nook, Android, Graphicly, Comixology, and more.

These apps will support the full-scale Devil’s Due Digital app, which will house all of the company’s titles, due out in early 2012. The apps will also allow readers to choose digital downloads on a variety of storefronts, granting access to titles on whichever device they prefer—iPad, Kindle, Nook, Android Device, Mac/PC., etc.

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About Devil’s Due Digital

Devil’s Due Digital’s comics are available on over 550 million electronic devices worldwide. They have 1,000+ digital comics in circulation on more storefronts than any other comic book company. Devil’s Due Digital provides the finest digital comic book experience with their award winning, acclaimed graphic novels.

Devil’s Due Digital, Inc. was founded in 2009.

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  1. Surprised they still have the rights to sell Hack/Slash.

    Didn’t even know Devil’s Due was still publishing books. Have they come out with anything new?

  2. Eek, I hate to say it with them watching, but I hate separate apps for everything. I like consolidation.

    I get most my comics from Comixology, a few things from Comics+ and Dark Horse is doing their own thing… but that’s fine. I just don’t want any more apps.

    • We’re in the process of making a full-fledged Devil’s Due Digital App in the coming months. It’s a lot of work but we’re going to make sure it works well when it’s released and has a lot of great content. If you or anyone else has suggestions or ideas of what you’d like to see in our app, we would love to hear them.

      (and please excuse the blank comment below, I can’t delete it)

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