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  1. Okay, I understand, a little, why we’re giving younger Superman a bit of attitude.
    But come on, even the baby has to look sullen and angry?

  2. Fits the skeleton we saw in Action Comics #2.

    Honestly, I’m a bit apathetic (I’ll refrain from using “meh” for Matthew’s benefit). While I’m a big fan of Krypto in the kiddie books/cartoons (“Aw yeah, Super Pets!”), it doesn’t matter much what they do with him in mainstream DCU. Course, I’m not much of a pet person…

    • “Fits the skeleton we saw in Action Comics #2.”

      Not sure how you can tell that from what’s shown here, but I’d have to disagree.

      For one thing, it’s missing the unicorn horn in the middle of its forehead. For another, it looks like wolf and not a goat.

    • Did not the skeleton also have six legs? So far “NewKrypto” possesses only two, as far as we can see from said cover. I can’t see how you can say “fits the skeleton” as anything other than a total knee-jerk reaction. Sorry.

  3. Okay, it’s bad enough that the occupants of other planets look exactly like humans except for skin color, or antenae or pointy ears, or other obvious detail (I call this the Star Trek Alien syndrome) but really? Two planets separated by unfathomable distance BOTH evolving humanoids, cats, horses, dogs, monkeys, etc.? Why not cows, octopussessesses and platypi? Personally, if they MUST have a super pet, for Pete’s sake PLEASE DO make it an alien animal with NO earth equivalent!

  4. The Krypto skeleton was in the “Flashpoint” series when Flash, Thomas Wayne/Batman and Cyborg raided the governmental bunker to free the skinny Kal-El.

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