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  1. so the only way for doc oc to get rid of spidey before he dies himself is to simple get rid of the hole earth, i would say its a dumb idea but with the amazing work that slott has done with spider island im willing to give what ever hes working on a thumbs up before reading it, hes just brilliant

  2. cant belive i just missed the fact it said ENDS and not END for get my last comment about the world going bye bye and say hello to doc ocs finally revenge, and please dont kill of spidey i stopped reading ultimate spidey because i bought every comic watch a charcter evolve only to have them start the hole thing over for shock value and trying to get more sales its just cheating

  3. As long as he doesn’t kill off Parker I’ll buy anything he does on Spiderman with how amazing Spider Island has been. I was REALLY thinking it was going to be painful to read and I can’t wait for each issue that comes out!

  4. WildThrashersDotCom on

    Actually the new ultimate spiderman is building really well. I think if you don’t want to buy it right off, go to a book store or some such and read it first. Whether it was a marketing ploy or not- I at least felt the impact of this peter dying and introduction of Miles has been really enthralling. I hope they do so spider island in ultimate with the spider that bit Miles going off to stash an egg sack in that apartment it could be a great story/ horror moment down the road. My friend swears by spider island right now…so i will have to check it out.

    • I think if you don’t want to buy it right off, go to a book store or some such and read it first

      No disrespect intended, but as a comic shop employee, I’d like to ask that you NOT do this. :)

      There’s nothing wrong with looking at something to see if you want it, but reading the entire book with no intent to buy isn’t really a good (or, in most stores, an ALLOWED) idea.

      • I understand & appreciate your position Matthew, but.. As a kid my mom wouldn’t BUY me comic books, just Archie digests (better price per page was her argument). So if I hadn’t actually been allowed by grocery store staff to read-in-store, I might not have gotten into super hero books at -all-. (Since I am into them and I’m fond of recommending things I like to my friends, I’m possibly responsible for the comic addictions/purchases of at least two people beyond me.) I understand the “lost sale” you’re trying to prevent, but.. If the person reads it and then BUYS it, you’ve got a sale you didn’t have otherwise. You’re presuming the intent to NOT buy, where the Original Poster implies “if you’re unsure…” (though it could have been phrased better). E.g., test driving a car is not stealing it. I will concede that joyriding is, however. :) {/end tangent}

        • I understand the “lost sale” you’re trying to prevent, but.. If the person reads it and then BUYS it, you’ve got a sale you didn’t have otherwise.

          I’m not really looking at this in the manner you’re thinking… I’m trying to prevent a couple of different things, primarily damage to the book/item for sale, and secondarily, people sitting in the store reading for several hours at a time. Both are detrimental to a pleasant retail experience, especially in places where there aren’t clear seating areas for reading (like they have at Barnes & Noble.) I’ve had people literally try to lie down on the floor and read trade paperbacks to kill time, and at least once have had people who came to the store with the intent to use the gaming books on the wall for their active campaigns.

          I’ve been known to browse in the manner you’ve described, and I’m not against that. I’m against trying to read a WHOLE book in the store.

  5. im not saying the new ultimate spidey is bad but iv only been reading comics for nearly 2 years before that i was reading mangas for years and in mangas the charachers are forever evolving and getting older and an injury or a scare stays, menttaly or phiscly, or the knollege of a fight that long past can be brought up to defeat the new enemy. the world of “lets start all over and wipe the slate clean” is something that bugs me espisally since over the last few years iv bought the paper back of all ultimate spidey and was hopeing to see peter at some point evole into an avenger, this hole almost being treated with respict and almost getting his foot in the doors of avenger tower and finally being showing respect by his peers and i mean before his death not captain amercia saying hes a hero before he dies crap

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