Whoever said print is dead, hasn’t been to the library recently. More specifically, they haven’t checked out Zenescope’s latest offering, Grimm Fairy Tales Presents – The Library #2. Greek warriors, dinosaurs, gunslingers and more await you.

Writer: Joe Brusha
Penciler: Giovanni Timpao
Colorist: Liezl Buenaventura & Tim Yates
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Cover Artist(s): Joe Pekar (Cover A), Marat Mychaels & Ivan Nunes (Cover B)
Publisher: Zenescope
Cover Price: $2.99

Previously, in Grimm Fairy Tales Presents – The Library: Sela and her younger brother Thomas find themselves on the job with their billionaire father. His latest business acquisition is a mysterious library. While he finalizes an unpleasant conversation with Ms Sullivan, the library’s current owner, the two children wander off and find themselves on an unexpected adventure.

Last issue set up the players in the story and saw Sela and Thomas unlocking a mysterious book and conjuring up a dimensional portal, giving life to popular fictional worlds. Sela is transported to prehistoric times, running for her life from a rather hungry dinosaur. Thomas finds himself hunted in a maze by none other than a Minotaur. In the library itself, Dad and Ms Sullivan face against some Wild West baddies.

Is This The Real World, Or Is This Just Fantasy?

Sela is able to find a portal back to the library, thereby temporarily staving off her transformation into snack food. Thomas is saved by a Greek warrior who’s pretty tough and happens to be the son of Zeus. Everyone converges on the interior of the library, where all the assembled ‘good guys’ take on all the threats.

Schoolgirl Fetishists Should Be Right At Home

Some concerns I had last issue regarding the cute schoolgirl with large breasts and pigtails continue into this issue. One unfortunate panel gives the reader an off-kilter perspective so that we can see Sela running over a highly reflective puddle of water, granting us a glimpse up her very short skirt. This seems a bit gratuitous, but to some tastes, this may fulfill some rather specific fetish.

Large Settings

Other concerns continue with The Library #2’s artwork. It remains inconsistent with unreasonable large-scale environments.  For example, the interior of the library is large enough to safely accommodate a very large dinosaur.  Backgrounds are sparsely detailed and figures are doughy, especially when it comes to faces. To Giovanni Timpao’s credit, the renderings of the dinosaur and Minotaur are relatively solid.

BOTTOM LINE: More Low Budget Action Horror with Schoolgirl Action

Grimm Fairy Tales Presents – The Library #2 was unable to build upon the groundwork it established from the first issue. The same challenges persist and the progression of the story is only mildly compelling. Grimm Fairy Tales Presents – The Library #2 earns 2 out of 5 stars.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆


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  1. I found more fetish that you kept all this attention to that reflection panel.
    It is very little, sketchy, and there is nothing fetish, just a couple of inch of legs over the knees.

    I read the book and I agree with the inconsistent of the art, but about fetishism you have exaggerated…

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