This week, we turned to you (or more specifically, those of you who follow @MajorSpoilers) and asked for a Poll of the Week suggestion.  Tweeter JayLv99 suggested pitting Mister Mxyzptlk against Bat-Mite. Two imps from the Fifth Dimension who plague Batman and Superman endlessly.

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Oh, by the way, JayLv99 wins a prize from the Major Spoilers Pile O’ Stuff.


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  1. I went with Bat-Mite, because he is on basically the same power level as Mr Mxyzptlk, while being nowhere near as intelligent. Normally that reasoning would lend to Mr Mxy being the more dangerous one, but when you have as high a power level as they do, a bumbling giant is going to do more damage than a cunning one.

    The Emperor Joker episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold is a great example of Bat-Mite making a ton of trouble for Batman (and, in fact, getting him killed), whereas even when Mr Mxyzptlk was at his most dangerous in Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow, Superman didn’t actually die.

    • Yeah, thou Clark Kent didn’t die Superman sorta did and a hell of a lot of people did die and in a permanent fashion unlike in Brave & the Bold.

  2. I went with Bat-Mite over Mxyzptlk for two reasons:

    1. I can spell it

    2. You just have to appreciate those characters who end up being formidable despite their inherent lack of cunning (who doesn’t love Rhino and Bizarro?)

  3. Clearly missing the “impossible Man” choice just because he’s not one of those 5th dimension popular guys, therefore i suggest the movement #occupyThe5thdimension

    Also i vote for Mxyz

  4. Mister Mxyzptlk: the main reason for my vote is he’s the one who has a woman that loves him without too much question in the Superman TAS. Sadly, Batmite is much like I am the bachelor/collector. With Mxyzptlk there’s still hope.

  5. I voted for Mr. M (not going to attempt to spell that every time) over Bat-mite because of several factors. I am going to assume “trouble maker” as the premeditation to create chaos instead of accidentally making mistakes that affect others. Mr. M actually plans to screw with people, but bat-mite is simply a dumb-ass. Keep in mind that bat-mite plans no malice and can be eventually talked into stopping or even reversing any damage he inadvertently caused. Mr. M’s ego demands recognition for any misery he causes. When defeated, he needs to re-plan and take revenge, something bat-mite wont do. Piss of Mr. M, and he might “wish you away to the corn-field” without a second thought on your well being….

    And remember, Bat-mite wants to be batman, a hero, Mr. M doesn’t want to be a hero.

  6. Holy Kltpzyxm Batman!!

    Despite Bat-Mite having a MUCH better picture, I chose Mister Mxyzptlk as my favorite imp.
    After the Crisis (80’s) Bat-Mite was rarely seen or heard from.I only remember an issue of Legends of the Dark Knight (never should have ancelled it) as a 90’s appearance though I ‘m probably wrong. Mister Mxyzptlk returned to prominance rather quickly to Superman’s world with a pronounciation guide and many appearances afterwards. Besides, He is more fun.

  7. SPOILERS! if you haven’t seen the last episode of Batman Brave And The Bold!

    I voted Bat-Mite, since he managed to basically cancel the series….that bastard.

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