Arcana Comics has released the cover images and solicitation information for titles arriving in December 2011.

(W) Mark Poulton (A/CA) Dexter Weeks

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. Haiku is also a mischievous little cat. A Cat Named Haiku tells the engaging story of a day in the life of Haiku, a feline who puts the “cat” in catastrophe. Follow his misadventures as he learns a valuable lesson about friendship told completely in haiku. (STK406485) SC, 40pgs, FC SRP: $5.95

(W/A/CA) Chris Eric Peterson

It is a world of struggle. Where conflict is measured by the fallen. An epic battle between numbers and power. This is a land where weakness is swallowed whole and spit out upon the merciless. This is not a battle between good and evil — this is Dragons Vs Dinosaurs! (STK451369) MATURE THEMES SC, 80pgs, FC SRP: $14.95

(W) Chaos McKenzie (A/CA) S. Partington

Only daughter to an old-school gang diva, Gwenesha grew up surrounded by thugs who kept an eye on her like a sister. With none of the drive that supported her Mother, Gwenesha used s e x as a tool, playing her way to the top, away from the life she was born into. Today, Gwenesha sits pretty on the arm of Ricco, South Beach Don, gunrunner, and drug supplier, who keeps her covered in the finest things. Avoiding gang politics, Gwenesha ignores Ricco’s hard rule over the streets — as long as she’s covered in Gucci threads! (STK451370) MATURE THEMES SC, 80pgs, FC SRP: $14.95

(W) Dan Taylor, Chris Fason (A/CA) Chris Fason, Chris Barker

The Hideout Bar & Grill is once again open for business! Rusty the bartender serves up specials for his super heroic clientele of regulars, including Guardian, Night Ranger, Scout, Psiren, and the other super heroes of First City. But the happy hour is shaken when a new dilemma stirs up trouble and the heroes begin to drop like flies! Is it a new threat slipping mickeys around the Hideout, or has an old foe returned for another round to declare “last call” for Hero Happy Hour? (STK451371) SC, 80pgs, FC SRP: $14.95

(W) Dwight MacPherson, Bruce Brown (A/CA) Valerio Giangiordano

December 7th, 1941: As the Interagents deploy to the Philippines to thwart a surprise attack, Japanese bombs rain down on Pearl Harbor killing 2,388 American servicemen. But who sent the communique that lured the super team away from the true Japanese target? And who murdered the only Interagent who knew of the impending attack on Pearl Harbor? (STK451372) MATURE THEMES SC, 80pgs, FC SRP: $14.95

(W) Romulo Soares, Bart A. Thompson (A/CA) Jack Jadson, Alex Borges

Frank Aaron is a police officer who struggles with the curse of being a werewolf. As he investigates the brutal murder of the Mayor’s family, he notices claw marks, saliva, and animal hair at the crime scene, leading him to wonder if he might be responsible. But in the course of his investigation, he discovers that there is another werewolf in town, and he’s forced to use the abilities of his feral side to track down his counterpart and solve the mystery of the murder. (STK451373) SC, 138pgs, FC SRP: $19.95

(W) Shannon Eric Denton, Ross Lamanna (A/CA) Christian Fernandez

Markus Fang’s focuses on an 18-year-old, trained by an agency to battle an opposing evil agency. The only problem is, while out in the field Fang’s own agency is wiped out. It’s up to Fang and a handful of survivors to bring the opposition down without the weapons, technology, and support network they were trained to use. (STK451366) MATURE THEMES SC, 80pgs, FC SRP: $14.95

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