Sometimes one’s job requires sacrifice. Phoebe’s husband has made such a sacrifice in his life, and she’d like to do something about it. Can she bring peace to one of Love’s stewards? Charmed #4 from Zenescope Entertainment answers that question.

Writer: Paul Ruditis
Art: Dean Kotz
Colors: Michael Spicer
Letters: Jim Campbell
Cover(s): David Seidman (Cover A) Photo Cover (Cover B)
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Cover Price: $3.50

Previously, in Charmed: This one-shot focuses almost exclusively on Phoebe and her husband, Coop. Magic is a family business for the Charmed Ones, and Coop is no exception to that rule. He’s been around for a couple hundred years, working as a Cupid Agent. He helps to foster love in the world of mortals. Although he’s quite satisfied with his work, his past troubles him: more specifically, his lack of a past.

He Walks Alone

Part of his recruitment is removing him from his birth parents. As a result he has no real sense of family. Phoebe begins to do some investigative work and stumbles onto a local family who may have tenuous ties to Coop’s family roots.

A marriage is scheduled to occur, involving one Mitchell Coopersmith. Coop…Coopersmith…yes, it’s a reach but remember Phoebe has premonitions so she’s obviously seeing more than just a cursory correlation.

Family Meeting

Arrangements are made for the wedding’s rehearsal dinner to take place at Piper’s new restaurant. With that level of access, Phoebe now has a way to integrate her unsuspecting husband into the party, thereby potentially exposing him to distant blood relatives. As with almost any magical shenanigans, there is a price to be paid for walking this path. Coop’s meeting of family is against the rules of engagement and as a result, a psychic breakdown begins to occur. Members of the wedding party begin to become agitated with one another and Phoebe eventually has a vision of a ruined wedding.  So, everyone must come together to try and halt this potential disaster.

The writing and dialogue are both solid on Charmed #14. The likenesses are a bit hit and miss, but overall, it’s consistent. Proportions of figures contract and expand though, sometimes giving the ladies a dwarven appearance.

BOTTOM LINE: Cupid’s Arrow Hits The Target

This would not be out of place as a regular episode of the Charmed TV series. It would easy for me to hear the character’s voices in my head as portrayed by the original actors for which this comic is based. Charmed #14 earns 3 out of 5 stars.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


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