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Comic book writer Erica Schultz and legendary artist Vicente Alcázar have announced that they will present their joint comic book series, M3, at Comic Con in New York this week. The first installment of M3 consists of six comic books, three of which are already finished and will be on sale at Comic Con.

In the first installment, M3 follows Machiavella Maria Marcona, a beautiful and dangerous assassin who discovers her boss, FBI Assistant Director Erik Herron, is using her to kill his own personal enemies. Machiavella has been beholden to the corrupt men in her life since childhood and joins forces with another FBI agent, Chris Morris, to bring Herron and his right hand man to justice.

“The New York Comic Con is the ‘coming out’ party for our girl, Machiavella,” says Schultz. “We’re both incredibly jazzed about getting this book into people’s hands, and can’t wait to see what the convention brings our way.”

Supporters of the comic include Paul Castiglia, writer of the Archie Comics; Moose Baumann, colorist for Marvel and DC Comics; Erik J. Nielsen, the creator of Amphibimen; Christian Rubiano from; and Bill Sienkiewicz, who also illustrated the cover of the second issue of M3.

M3 is in many ways a departure from traditional comic books. It features a powerful and independent female character as its hero, who also has no super powers and relies on her own natural abilities and intellect to solve corruption in the world. The themes of corruption and greed in M3 are also particularly relevant given the current economic climate in the U.S.

The comic will also bridge the print and virtual worlds with a presence on social media platforms, adding another dimension to their engagement with the story and allowing fans to enrich their reading experience on the Internet. New York-based agency EO Integration has been assigned to develop a multiplatform campaign to allow the comic to live on beyond the book and engage with consumers and fans online.

Alcázar is a Spanish artist best known for his work for DC Comics and Marvel Comics, including the DC Western Jonah Hex, Conan the Barbarian, Satana, Heavy Metal and Eerie. After distancing himself from the world of comics for almost thirty years to focus on abstract art, Alcázar returned to comic illustration in 2009 to work on a comeback project for Jonah Hex and agreed to do the illustrations for M3 at Schultz’s urging.

“I got involved with this project because Erica gave me complete creative freedom to do whatever I wanted with M3,” says Alcázar. “I’m also fascinated by complicated characters like Machiavella – someone who has a dark side.”

A lifelong fan of classic comics like X-Men, Batman and Spider-Man, Schultz is a freelance writer who has written for Bluewater Productions and has worked as an animator and colorist on the Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic series.

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