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During the 4-day New York Comicon, Papercutz will be showcasing debut titles and our other fan favorites, including the highly anticiapted debut of LEGO NINJAGO® #1: The Challenge of Samurkai. Free books, posters and promos will be given out throughout the show, while quantities last.

Featured author appearances:

  • Stefan Petrucha will be signing at our booth from
    2:30-4 Friday and Saturday, and 1-2:30 Sunday.
  • Rick Parker will be signing 1-2:30 Saturday, and 10:30AM-12:00PM, and 2:30-4:00PM Sunday.

LEGO NINJAGO® continues to break records for Papercutz.  Terry Nantier, the publisher of Papercutz, details that pre-orders for the first graphic novel in the series, LEGO NINJAGO #1 “The Challenge of Samukai” ($6.99) “are the strongest we’ve ever seen.”  So strong in fact, that the pre-orders top 170,000 copies.  Papercutz will debut this series with a limited number of copies for sale at New York Comic Con 2011.

SYBIL: THE BACKPACK FAIRY#1 “Nina” delivers the goods to tween readers and adults alike with a fresh twist on the world of school dilemmas, mamma-drama, girl bullies, and fairies (?!!).  Nina is a girl in middle school with a little brother and a single mom who barely has enough time to spend with her. Put down at school by nasty cliques, Nina’s life is not much fun. All this changes when a magical fairy named Sybil turns up in Nina’s backpack!

ERNEST & REBECCA: “My Best Friend is a Germ” asks the odd question, “Can anyone really have a friend who belongs in a Petri dish?”  Rebecca is a six and a half year-old girl who is out of luck when her parents are on the verge of divorce and she is always getting sick due to a weak immune system. Rebecca’s luck changes when she meets a magical microbe named Ernest.

PAPERCUTZ SLICES #3 “Percy Jerkson and the Ovolactovegetarians” transports young graphic novel fans to a fantastical world where half-human-half-brand-name Percy Jerkson battles halfwits and corporate icons.   PAPERCUTZ SLICES features popular parodies that young readers simply love and anticipate with each new release in the series. Author Stefan Petrucha and artist Rick Parker will be signing at the Papercutz booth.

MONSTER #1 “Monster Christmas” by Lewis Trondheim.  Do we need to really say more?  – Not really, but we will say that Trondheim is a master cartoonist at the height of his career.  MONSTER, by Trondheim, is the almost normal adventures if an almost ordinary family… with a pet monster. A vacation in the mountains turns strange when the family runs into Santa Claus and a monster!

THE SMURFS are back in full force – find out about our 7 Smurf comics and the new digital comic app from our partnership with comiXology.  THE SMURFS graphic novel series continues to be one of the most popular “must-get” items at conventions across the country.  Stop by the booth to get check out the new offerings before they disappear….

BUT THERE IS MORE – our treasured, fan-favorite backlist of BIONICLE, CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED, DISNEY FAIRIES, GERONIMO STILTON, GARFIELD & Co., and TALES FROM THE CRYPT will be on display, too.  Check out Papercutz eclectic mix of series.  There is something for everyone – and in most cases, “everything for everyone.”

About Papercutz
Papercutz is dedicated to publishing great graphic novels for all ages. In the spring of 2005, Papercutz launched its line of graphic novels to great success, bringing NANCY DREW and THE HARDY BOYS into graphic novels comics for the first time.  Papercutz has continued to grow over the years and also publishes popular graphic novels BIONICLE, CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED, DISNEY FAIRIES, GARFIELD & Co., GERONIMO STILTON, and TALES FROM THE CRYPT.

The two principals of Papercutz are Terry Nantier, founder of NBM and a pioneer in the literary graphic novel field, and Jim Salicrup, the award-winning editor who launched SPIDER-MAN #1 while at Marvel and who was Editor-in-Chief at Topps Comics, publishing X-FILES and XENA comics, among others.

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